Recipe for preparing tasty pepper chicken curry

Are you a lover of pepper chicken curry? Interested people used to cook it. The result is positive only for some. Cooking is a talent and you should not spend time but your interest in bringing out the food delicious. In this article,I have given successful preparation of healthy, delicious pepper chicken curry. People who feel hatred to cook may also become interested after reading this article.

Pepper Chicken curry preparation:

Amount of chicken used: 1/2 kg

Step 1:

You should be very careful in bringing out your chicken soft,fleshy and tasty. First buy chicken with good flesh.

Step 2:
Cut the chicken pieces into medium sizes preferably the sizes of Gulaab Jamuns because increased size may make the chicken hard after boiling, due to lack of water or if the chicken is cut into very small sizes it may get dissolved in the curry during boiling.

Step 3:
Wash the chicken pieces cleanly(thrice) that has been cut for and soak them in water-curd mixture for 10 minutes. You should soak them with one third amount of curd,of the total amount of the water. Remember that the curd should be thick.

Step 4:
Now wash the curd with water and you will see fresh chicken pieces with all dirt and blood removed from the chicken pieces which cannot be removed even after washing.

Step 5:
Take a mixer and put the following ingredients into it :
1.3/4th of the coconut pieces of the half shell of the original.
2. 8-10 garlic pieces.
3.20-25 full pepper(no pepper powder should be used).
4.poppy seeds-1 1/2 teaspoonfull.
5. 7-8 cumin seeds.
6. 1 or 2 cinnamon leaves(medium size).

Step 6:
Grind them in the mixer for 50 seconds but stop twice in the middle of grinding and add 10 ml of water (both the times) and produce the paste of it.

Step 7:
keep the paste as such in the mixer with the lid closed. Now take a pan and pour 20 ml of oil(type of oil depends on the wish). After the oil gets heated, put some mustard seeds and after the cooking of seeds, put your flame to the minimum and pour the paste prepared by you.

Step 7:
Mix the paste in the pan continuously in circular movement and don't allow the paste to over cook.Medium cooking is essential for the taste. Now add 3 teaspoons of chilly or chicken powder(or as your wish of taste). Mix thoroughly. Don't make the paste scorched.

Step 8:
Put the washed chicken pieces into a pressure cooker and also the cooked paste. Add 2 litres of water into the pressure cooker with salt(usually 4 table teaspoons but it also depends on people).

Step 9:
Keep the flame to the pressure cooker at the medium level and allow the cooker to whistle 4 times(adding weight at the to of cooker is very very important). Switch off the flame and keep the cooker aside and do not put off the weight at its top.

Step 10:
After 10 minutes,remove the weight at the top and open the cooker. Becareful about the thing that you should not open the cooker without releasing the weight else the cooker's lid may get upward force due to the pressure inside and at the time of opening you may get hurt.

Step 11:
Add two teaspoon of oil in the pan and after heating it put the coriander and kari leaves of your desire and roast it until it turns leaf green and gives pleasant smell.

Step 12:
Pour this fry of leaves into the curry prepared and boil the curry for 10 minutes. This is to prevent the raw smell of the chicken and to prevent the spoilage of the pepper chicken curry. Your preparation is now complete safe,healthy and tasty.


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