Pisciculture Business Plan / Fish Culture Business Plan

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Maximum fish harvest is ensured by proper management of Pisciculture in fresh water systems.

Selection of Fish species for Fish culture

First step in Pisciculture Business Plan is Selection of Fish species. Fishes which breed successfully under controlled condition and are good to taste are usually selected. Craps and catfishes are ideal for culturing in pisciculture in inland fisheries.

Collection of Seeds for Fish culture

Seeds of fishes include eggs, fry and fingerlings. Collection of Seeds for Fish culture is done in two ways.

1. The seeds are collected from natural fresh water systems during the breeding season.

2. The males and females of desired species of fishes like craps are induced to spawn under controlled conditions. Extracts of pituitary gland are injected into the males and females. The females lay the eggs, which are fertilized by the sperm of the males. These fertilized eggs are collected and transferred to hatchery ponds or hatcheries.

Fish Culture Ponds

There are four types of Fish Culture Ponds available,

1.Hatchery ponds
Fish fry (Young fish coming from egg) are kept in the Hatchery ponds for 2 to 3 days.

2.Nursery ponds
Fish fry are transferred from Hatchery ponds to Nursery ponds with the addition of nutritive supplements.

3.Fish Rearing ponds
Rearing ponds are large in size. Fishes are allowed to grow for about 6 months in Fish Rearing ponds to reach maximum size.

4.Fish Stocking ponds
Fish stocking ponds are huge and well prepared with manure, Proper care should be taken while feeding and handling of in Fish Stocking ponds.

Harvesting Process in Fish Culture

When fully frown, the fishes are harvested and marketed. The fishery products have to be procured, preserved and marketed properly for maximum benefits. Hence post harvested technology must accompany the fish production methods so that fish in good quality reaches the consumers.

Preservation of fish is done by freezing and refrigeration, drying, salting smoking and canning. Canned fish are exported to many foreign countries.


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