Recipes of Cauliflower – South Indian Podimaas and North Indian Curry

The cauliflower, apart from sabji for Roti or puri,can be used in curry & prepared for rice. This article is my attempt in preparing the cauliflower as both a South Indian dish and a North Indian type, namely, Podimaas and Curry.

Usually Cauliflower is a favourite due to its florets but mostly people prefer only the florets part and throw away the stem part. But the stem part too has a same taste or flavour and hence I thought of trying a dish differently, with the dish (Podimass) would be done by the raw banana or potato. Now let us see the recipes of both curry and podimass in this article.


  1. Cauliflower one or two, little amount of oil, mustard, split Bengal gram and black gram.

  2. For south Indian Podimaas: Grated coconut, green chillies.

  3. For North Indian Curry: Onion, Red Chilly powder and coriander powder.


Cauli flower may be cleaned and florets may be separated and soaked in warm salted water for some time and drained to get rid of the tiny insects. This florets may be used for preparing north Indian curry while the remaining stem like vegetables may be used for south Indian podimaas as it is usually be wasted.

North Indian Curry

The florets after drained from salted water may be put in boiling water for just 1 to 2 minutes to finish it cooking. Onion may be chopped and kept.

In a pan, mustard may be split using little oil and split Bengal gram and black gram may be fried shortly and chopped onion may be added and sauted. Salt may be added and stirred. Now the cooked cauliflower may be added and stirred. Red Chilly powder and Coriander powder may added according to the taste and stirred gently to spread into cauliflower florets without breaking the florets.

Now the curry is ready to serve.

South Indian Curry

The stem may be cooked nicely and mashed.

Grated coconut and green chillies may be grinded nicely in a mixture.(Or small chopped green chillies along with grated coconut may also be used instead of a ground mixture).

In a pan, mustard may be split using little oil and split Bengal gram and black gram may be fried shortly and either the mixture or pieces of green chillies and coconut may be dropped and stirred along with salt. In this mashed cauliflower stem may be added and stirred gently to mix with coconut and chilly.

Some may like to be in the exiting green colour but some may prefer to be little yellow and in that case, after the grams are fried, a little bit of turmeric powder may be added to keep the podimaas in light yellow colour.


Now the podimaas is ready to serve. Enjoy!


Guest Author: abdulsumkesula20 Mar 2016

Generally 'curry' denotes a dish of a vegetable (or meat) cooked in an Indian style sauce of strong spices. The recipe shared by the author in her article don't fit the bill of a curry. As far as the north Indian curry recipe shared by the author, the same may at the best be described as 'simple cauliflower recipe'. Cauliflower offers a variety of ingenious recipe including whole stuffed cauliflower, Gobi Musallam and Tandoori Gobi.

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