Semolina (Suzi) Dhokla Recipe

Dhokla is a very famous dish of Gujarat. It can be used in a main course food or taken as a snack. As it is prepared in steam so it takes very less oil. That is why it is very healthy. The dhokla recipe is very easy and simple.

Dhokla is a vegetarian food which is made from fermented gram flour batter. Dhokla is mainly prepared with besan but we can also make it with suzi.


  1. Semolina (Suzi)- 1 cup

  2. Gram Flour (Besan) - 1 tbsp

  3. Yogurt (Dahi) - 1 cup

  4. Water - 1/2 cup

  5. Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp

  6. Powdered Sugar- 3/2 tsp (one and half)

  7. Salt - 1/2 tsp

  8. Lemon Juice - 2 tsp

  9. Oil - 3/2 tsp (one and half)

  10. Fruit salt ENO - 1 tsp

  11. Cilantro - 2 tsp

For Seasoning:-
  1. Oil - 2 tbsp

  2. Black Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp

  3. Green Chilies (Sliced) – 2

  4. Green Coriander – 1 tbsp

  5. Curry Leaves - a few

  6. Sesame Seeds - 1/2 tsp

  1. Medium Sized mixing bowl

  2. Cake rack

  3. Pressure Cooker

  4. Non stick pan

  • Sieve the semolina in a bowl and mix yogurt in it.

  • Add gram flour, salt, turmeric powder, sugar, cilantro in the mixture.

  • Then add lemon juice in the above mixture and mix it in one direction.

  • Add little water and mix it so that there should be no lumps.

  • Check the consistency of the batter.

  • Add more water into the batter if it is too thick.

  • Put the batter aside for half an hour.

  • Take a baking dish and grease it with refined oil.

  • Put a cooker on the gas stove with one cup of water.

  • Let the water to boil.

  • Now add fruit salt ENO in the batter and mix it well for one minute.

  • Transfer the batter to the baking dish.

  • Keep the baking dish into the cooker over the cake rack.

  • Take out the whistle from the lid and seal the cooker with the lid.

  • Steam it for 15 minutes on low flame.

  • After 15 minutes pierce a knife into the dhokla to see whether it is cooked or not.

  • If the knife comes clean, it means dhokla is cooked.

  • If the dhokla is uncooked, then steam it for another 5 minutes more.

  • Then take the dhokla out of the cooker and let it cool.

  • Cut the dhokla into square or triangular pieces.

For Seasoning:-
  • Take a non stick pan and put oil in it.

  • Heat the oil on low flame.

  • When the oil is hot, add black mustard seeds, curry leaves and season seeds.

  • When it starts crackling, add vertically cut green chilies.

  • Sprinkle this Seasoning on the cut pieces of dhokla.

  • Garnish the dhokla with green coriander.

  • Serve it with spicy green or red chutney.

Semolina (Suzi) Dhokla Recipe

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