Tasty recipe for making the delicious Chocolate Custard

This article will explain the ingredients required and the making of Chocolate Custard step by step. This article will finish with the time estimation. All over this is a tasty and delicious recipe which is healthy while added with fruits.

Making of yummy delicious chocolate custard

Normally these days in many of our houses it is a very tough job to feed the children. They all will be in the playing mood. This makes the mother to worry on their health. Whether a child hates the food or they really hate taking the usual food daily? Yes, the answer is they hate to spend their time in having their usual food. So if we prepare them something new, sure they will have it with full enjoyment. Moreover this is a recipe with the chocolate flavor which is much liked one by the kids. Come let us start seeing the ingredients and the steps to make the Chocolate Custard.

Ingredients for making Chocolate Custard

Cocoa powder (available in all supermarkets) – 2 tsp
Milk (Prefer a good brand) -½ liter
Sugar – 6 tsp
Custard powder (available in all supermarkets) – 2 tsp
Cut fruits (apples, strawberries and many rich in Vitamins) – To make the chocolate custard healthier for every one.

How to make Chocolate Custard with the ingredients

Take a pan and pour the best branded milk that you got form your market. Why I am repeatedly insisting the best branded milk is, it is a home made and should be healthier for our children. The consumers are our family members, so please be care of every ingredient.

The best brand milk is now to be mixed with the sugar or sugar powder. If we use sugar it will take some time to mix it up with the milk. It is just an idea to minimize the time and nothing special in that. Now we need to mix the sugar with the milk till the sugar dissolved to 50 – 75 percent. The remaining will get dissolved while we mix the remaining ingredients.

The sugar milk mixture is now ready for adding the remaining two ingredients. Now let us take the coco powder and mix it with the above prepared mixture. While adding the coco powder keeps on stirring the mixture with the big size table spoon to eliminate the lumps. After this the mixture is ready for the custard powder. The custard powder also needed to be adding in the same way as coco powder. Make sure that no lumps of the powder should be found in the mixture.

The mixture is now ready to place over the medium flame. So let us place the pan over the stove with the medium flame. Do not leave the mixture over the medium flame as is. Stir it till the mixture start to become a thicker. It is easier to feel the mixture attains the condition to get out of the flame. Once the pan is out of flame, let it cool in the room temperature. Please do not keep the mixture in to the refrigerator till it comes to room temperature. After attaining the room temperature place the mixture in to the fridge and not in the freezer.

The mixture can take out of the fridge after one hour for ready serve. The custard can be taken as is after taken out of the fridge or else we can add some fruits to make it a tastier and healthier too. Prefer to add good fruit pieces, because the consumers are all over loved one.

Time estimation for the preparing Chocolate Custard

Preparing the mixture before keeping it over the flame will take roughly 10 minutes maximum with the above quantity. The time taken for the mixture over the flame is minimum 10 minutes. Then for bringing the mixture to room temperature will take another 10 minutes maximum. Then one hour maximum for the mixture to get cool in fridge. Totally one hour and 30 minutes for the preparation of the tasty and delicious Chocolate Custard.


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