Celebrity chef recipes of Asian turkey & roast lamb

Eating everyday out for your favorite non-veg dishes may not be quite pocket-friendly. Especially on Christmas Eve, if you are looking for a perfect home feast, this resource brings you exclusive recipes of Asian turkey & roast lamb by celebrity chefs which you can easily prepare and savor or impress guests at home. The resource holds recipes of oven roasted Asian turkey by Chef Rahul Hajarnavis of Shiro & slow roast lamb with herbs by Britain's most popular celebrity Chef Nigel Slator.

Recipe of oven roasted Asian turkey

This recipe of turkey is given by Chef Rahul Hajarnavis who works in the popular Shiro. Turkey is one of the most preferred feasts on Christmas and what can be better if you get a chef's exclusive recipe this eve.

Ingredients used in the recipe

For marinating the turkey, you need:
Garlic-10 grams
Five spice powder-10 grams
Oil-10 milliliter
Turkey legs-2
Thyme- few springs
Kafir lime leaves-2

For turkey gravy, you need:
Garlic cloves-5 grams
Onion-50 grams
Carrots-50 grams
Butter-50 grams
Mushroom steams-50 grams
Five spice powder-10 grams
Thyme spring-1
White wine-50 milliliter
Kafir lime leaves-3
Heavy cream- 100 milliliter
Turkey dripping or chicken stock- 200 milliliter
Also some chicken broth to taste

For soya orange glaze, you need:
Sugar-50 grams
Orange juice-100 milliliter
Cinnamon stick-1
Light soya sauce- 50 milliliter
Oranges- 2
Also some cornstarch if required

For spicy plum sauce, you need:
Garlic cloves-2
Red plum-200 grams
Sugar-50 grams
Dry red chillies-2
Also some sweet chili sauce & vinegar

Preparation of oven roasted Asian turkey

  • Prepare marinate - In a bowl, place around 10 milliliter oil, some salt according to taste, thyme leaves, five spice powders, crushed kafir lime leaves and garlic. Mix them together well to prepare a fine marinate. You can add some curd if you personally prefer. Marinate the turkey legs for around two hours.

  • Pre-heat the oven and roast turkey – Preheat a slow oven at a temperature of 180 Fahrenheit. Now place the marinated turkey in the roasting pan of oven, cover with the oil mixture just made and cook for three hours. Check properly to make sure the turkey is tender and roasted well from all sides. Unevenly cooked or overcooked turkey can ruin the recipe.

  • Prepare the gravy– Heat some oil in a pan. To the hot oil, add peppercorn & bay leaves. Add onion, then garlic and sauté well. Now once the onion turns a light pinkish in shade, add all the vegetables & herbs. Pour white wine to deglaze. The chicken stock can now be added. Simmer for around 20 minutes till the stock used turns to half. We can add some roux for consistency and boil the mixture. We are using 100 milliliter heavy cream here. Just pour it in the pan and mix well. The mixture should have considerably reduced by now. Just adjust some seasoning now. Once all this is done, we will strain the mixture through a fine strainer to get a smooth finely consistent mixture. In the end, soft butter is added and incorporated in this sauce with a blender.

  • Prepare soya glaze–Caramelize some sugar in a hot pan. To this caramel, add cinnamon stick & orange juice. Mix well and stir. Add freshly squeezed oranges and soya sauce. Stir for around five minutes and then we will strain the mixture through a fine strainer to get a smooth finely consistent mixture. Keep the strained mixture aside for some time and in the meanwhile take some sweet potatoes, roast them in oven, peel and cut them into fine roundels which can be tossed in with our orange soya glaze.

  • Prepare spicy plum sauce – In a pan, mix two garlic cloves, fresh plums, sugar, chili sauce & vinegar. Simmer the ingredients till plums are properly cooked. Blend this in an electric hand blender and strain the puree. Take this puree in a bowl; add some sweet chili sauce to it.

  • Garnish and serve – Prepare hot rice for the turkey. Place the slices over rice and pour a little gravy on the top. Drizzle over the spicy plum sauce made on sides of rice. Take the sweet potatoes we tossed in the glaze and garnish them over the rice with some fried green onions along. The oven roasted Asian turkey is ready to be served.

  • Recipe of Slow roast lamb & herbs

    This recipe of slow roast lamb & herbs is given by Chef Nigel Slator of Britain. He is one of the most popular celebrity chefs of Britain, a cookbook writer and a successful TV show host. The recipe is easy to make and can be prepared in a short notice of time.

    Ingredients used in the recipe

    Sea salt-1 tablespoon
    Also little grated salt & ground black pepper
    Lamb leg-1 (around 2 kg)
    Garlic – 1
    Rosemary leaves-2 sprigs
    Thyme leaves-2 sprigs
    Potatoes-1 kilogram
    Butter-100 grams
    Parmesan cheese-25 grams

    Preparation of Slow roast lamb & herbs

  • Prepare marinate - In a bowl, place rosemary & thyme leaves in olive oil and mix them. Take the garlic cloves, peel them and crush in pestle and mortar with some sea salt. Add this thick paste to the mixture of olive oil and mix well to prepare a fine marinate. Rub this prepared marinate on the whole lamb and leave it in a roasting tin.

  • Preheat the oven & roast the lamb- Preheat your oven at a temperature of 160 degree centigrade. Now for roasting, first we need to baste the lamb a bit. Add around 250 milliliter of water in the tin. The tin must thus be deep sided. Baste the lamb piece with this liquid made and after it cover the piece with foil. Place it in the center of oven and roast for about three hours. Check properly to make sure the lamb is roasted well from all sides. Unevenly cooked or overcooked lamb can ruin the whole recipe.

  • Prepare gravy- In a pan, strain the excess oil off the liquid. The oil will be drained from the top of liquid and only herbs will be left as sediments. This sediment will act as our gravy. Keep it aside for a while to settle.

  • Prepare mashed potatoes & serve- Take around one kilogram potatoes. Cook them in salted water and mash them with some grated parmesan & butter. Cut the lamb piece into chunks and serve with potatoes. You can spice the mashed potatoes with little pepper & salt. The hot slow roast lamb & herbs is now ready to serve with mashed potatoes.

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