Seven reasons why you should take up a career as an airline pilot

The career of an airline pilot is literally a high flying one. It is a high profile job, where one gets to see the whole world at no cost to him or her. So in case you are tinkering with the idea of becoming a pilot, learn here seven good reasons why you should become an airline pilot and add wings to your career.

Ever since the Wright Brothers flew the first aircraft, it has been the dream of many to fly a plane. Many could fulfil their dream by becoming pilots - some in the military, some as commercial pilots and many as private fliers. The two world wars in the first half of the 20th century saw a big demand for aviators. The subsequent rapid industrialization after World War II acted as an even bigger catalyst. The airline industry thus grew at a rapid pace. Over the years, with development in aviation technology, communication, navigation, electronics and the incorporation of advanced safety features, the airline sector established itself as a booming travel industry. The popularity of air travel rose sharply and many these days prefer to travel by air, rather than by other means. The liberalization and subsequent privatization of the aviation industry in India saw several private airline companies being introduced in the country. Air travel, as a result, became affordable to many in India. Finally, many could fulfil their dreams of flying in a plane, a dream that was until then a preserve of the privileged few only.

The big upturn in the aviation industry resulted in plenty of jobs in the sector. Airlines all over the world, including India, are investing big in purchasing more and more planes and flying newer routes. It is expected that Air India, which is now a private airline owned by Tata is going for a deal that is going to be the biggest ever in aviation history. More than 100 planes are likely to be bought by Air India from different sources, primarily Boeing and Airbus. No wonder this is going to result in more jobs for pilots, technicians, air hostesses, stewards, maintenance staff, ground staff, front-office staff and many more. Additionally, a number of institutes may also come up for, pilot training, air hostess training, maintenance staff training and so on. Here in this article, however, we primarily focus on airline pilots and why it is a job worth taking up as a career.

A career par excellence

The job of a pilot is no ordinary one. It requires great skills to become a pilot. The safety of hundreds of passengers and the plane depends on the pilot. As such, a pilot needs to be in great physical and mental shape. One needs to be emotionally sound to handle crises and emergencies that can crop up anytime during a flight. All this calls for the highest degree of professionalism in every aspect of your job as an airline pilot.

Fastest growing industry

As per numerous data available, the airline industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With growing economic activity, more people these days have a higher disposable income. The middle class, which is being increasingly wooed by the airline industry, is growing exponentially. No more are people content with travelling by rail or road. Everyone, who can afford, has taken to travel by air in a big way, thus providing the airline industry with a massive customer base. A large number of low-cost carriers have also come up to cater to this growing demand for air travel. All these create opportunities for employment in the airline sector and thus a demand for commercial pilots for recruitment by these airlines.

A high-profile career

A career as an airline pilot is looked upon with great respect and prestige. We know that it is no easy task to become a pilot. It requires great skills and the training is one of the most difficult and costs a lot of money. Those with adequate financial means only can pursue the training of a commercial pilot. However, once you become a pilot, the rewards are extremely handsome. Compared to most jobs, airline pilots are very well paid and thus get to lead a luxurious life. As part of their job they get to stay in the best hotels; dine at upmarket restaurants and all that at the cost of the airline they work for.

Get to see the world at no cost

Getting to travel and see the world is the sheer privilege of working in the airline industry. If you are part of a big airline, you will be flying far and wide and thus get the opportunity to visit far-off places and see the world. Very few industries provide such exotic privileges to their employees. At times, your family also gets the privilege of travelling with you on holidays and company-paid tours. Getting this opportunity to travel and see beautiful places is a luxury that very few jobs can provide.

Your dreams come true

As a child, many of us, after seeing birds and planes fly, dreamt of becoming pilots and flying those winged machines. By becoming a pilot, you can realize your childhood dream and make them come true.

The sky is your office

As an ordinary office-goer, a high-rise building is the highest you can opt for if you love working at heights. However, for an airline pilot, the sky is their office. Every day and every moment at your work, you can have a commanding view of the earth below.

An adventurous career

Flying is an adventurous activity. At times, in your flying career, you will come across emergencies, where your abilities as a pilot will be put to test. Even though every aircraft these days is laced with the most modern equipment and makes use of the latest technology, it still involves a lot of skill flying a plane, especially during take-offs, landings and whenever caught in turbulence. Not many office jobs will give you such a thrill while at work.

The above seven reasons are not an end in themselves. There are many more reasons for one to choose a career as an airline pilot if you are inclined towards it. So why wait?


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt15 Feb 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

There is a tremendous growth in airlines industry and as many airports are being made in small places, air traffic is going to rise significantly in the future. In such a lucrative scenario it is obvious that there will be a good job opportunity for the post of pilot as well as associated staff in the airlines industry.

The job of a pilot is very challenging and it requires a good physique and presence of mind. The pilot is the soul commander of the plane and his intelligence and knowledge of the aircraft will help him in landing safely even in an adverse situation. Young people who are ambitious and want to take up challenging jobs must try for this particular career line which has immense potential in future not only in our country but in many other foreign countries also.

Author: Dhruba15 Feb 2023 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

In recent deals with both Airbus Industries and Boeing, Air India has placed a massive order for passenger aircraft. 250 of the planes are to be bought from Airbus and 220 from Boeing. It is a proud moment for both Air India and the country and the world is sure to notice. About the deal Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in the coming years India is going to become the third biggest aviation market in the world. He further added that in the next 15 years, India will be requiring another 2000 passenger planes. It is obvious that these massive orders will result in more job opportunities in the aviation sector, be it pilots, cabin crew, maintenance engineers and others. So one can very well go for a career as an airline pilot.

Author: Dhruba21 Feb 2023 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

In response to the massive expansion plan by Air India, it has come to light that Indigo, the largest airline in India also has its own plans for expansion. In its effort to expand its reach to Europe, the low-cost airline is collaborating with the Turkish Airlines. Indigo also has an order for 500 aircraft (ordered in different batches and not in one go like the Air India deal), which are to be delivered over the years. All this competition between the two big airlines in India bodes well for the airline industry and in turn more job opportunities in this field.

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