How to manifest the life of your dreams

This article explains how positive thinking and positive affirmations can bring a desirable outcome through manifestation. Lack attracts lack, and abundance attracts abundance. Setting the intention and then believing in it is the key to success.


We all have heard innumerable times about how we can shape our destiny. Destiny is our creation. We can make or mar our future with our own hands. These lines create so much positivity within us. They teach us that we can achieve what we desire. They pump us up so we can go out there and achieve what we want and build the life that we always wanted for ourselves. If it is so simple, why don't many of us go for it? Why do we blame destiny, other people and outside circumstances when we fail to mould things for ourselves and get the desired outcome? This has to do with how we think and how our thinking manifests itself in the outer world. This article explains how we can get what we want and manifest anything and everything in life.

Is manifestation a real deal?

Why do many of us doubt manifestation? For ages, we have been told that it works. Yet, we doubt it and question its legitimacy. Many of us have this pessimistic approach where we often look for what we miss in our lives rather than what we have. It is okay to know what we want and aim for that. However, it is an entirely different approach to keep complaining and whining about everything that we don't have. Things will never come to us when we live in a lack mentality. We can keep repeating our affirmations and working hard in the physical world, but deep down inside us, when we are pretty sure that success is far away from us, we will never be successful at that task. This kind of mentality makes manifestation a complete failure. Then people often complain that this technique never really works. To them, it seems good on paper. When it comes to practicality, it is merely a fairytale for many. Limiting beliefs and rigid thought patterns slow down the manifestation. Consequently, the life of dreams seems far away.

Is it an illusion?

The manifestation process is a real one, it is not at all an illusion. It works every time for those who know how to make it work. We are inclined to use the logical side of our brain. We first ask for proof, and then we believe in the concept. On the other hand, manifestation works for those who trust and believe before seeing the result. If we want a high-paying job, we need to believe that we can secure one for ourselves. All the qualities and eligibility criteria necessary to secure one are within us and then we have to go for a job interview. This positivity changes the inner wiring. The mind and body get filled with positive thoughts and feelings. When a person with high vibes goes for an interview, he will crack that interview and impress everyone on the board. This is the power of believing.

On the other hand, if a person feels that he may or may not be suitable for that job and does not have confidence, it will impact the performance, and it will get reflected in the personality. If a person adopts rigidity that he will only believe in himself if he secures a job, he may or may not have a chance. However, if he believes that he has it in him; nothing can stop him from getting what he wants.

What is the biggest hindrance?

Our limiting beliefs stop us from achieving what we desire. With questions such as how, what, when, if and but, we keep going back and forth. It is a clear indication of how unsure we are towards our beliefs. When we want something, all we have to do is have blind faith. There should not be any negative energy impacting it. When we think negatively, we feel negative and emote the same in our behaviour. Why ruin anything when we have everything working out for us? Set out the intention that I want so and so in my life. We have set the foundation. Half of the work is done. The rest half is to work towards what we want.

We should not weaken what we have laid out in the ground by our negative thinking. Self-doubts such as what if I am unsuccessful, what will others think about me, what if I am wasting my time, should I go for something else, is it right for me and many such questions serve no good for us. Before setting out an intention, we need to be clear about what we want. If we want something, we need to believe that we are going to get it. We should not go back and forth or think of settling for something less. Our negative thinking is because of the deep-rooted beliefs we have stored in us for a long time. Get rid of such belief systems that no longer serve us. Have complete faith in what we want and how we want it. When we are clear-headed and goal-oriented, nothing can stop us from being victorious.

Power of positive affirmations

Some of us believes that affirmations are just pep talks. However, we don't realize how by repeating our affirmations regularly, we are shaping our destiny. Initially, we may feel we are just saying them out loud without feeling them within. Thus, it may seem like a lie. For example, I know that I can achieve so and so. In the beginning, when we repeat these lines, it may seem like a lie. It will seem that we are saying these lines out loud but we are not accepting them within. The reason is that we might not have tasted that kind of success in the past. However, the change requires time.

When we repeatedly think negatively about ourselves or a particular situation, we start believing it. The groove deepens and we record it in our subconscious without even knowing what we are doing. Upon meeting a failure in life once, if we keep telling ourselves that we are not good at anything then that is what our reality becomes. It was just a one-time thing that we failed, but not letting it go will invite more failures in our lives. Likewise, when we keep repeating that we got what it requires to succeed, we deepen the groove. We initially are only saying it out loud. We will start believing it, and then, we will store it in our subconscious. We are changing our beliefs and shaping our destinies.

Key to manifestation: Like attracts like

If we think positively, we will attract more positivity into our lives. If we create sad thoughts, we will attract more misery into our lives. If we feel like a winner, we will win in every situation. If we feel like a failure, we will attract more defeats. It is that simple. In short, we need to get rid of that lack type of mentality that we have within us. If we want more money, we need to feel worthy of it and work towards achieving it. If we live in the lack mindset and complain that we do not have enough, we will attract none. Lack of energy is attracting more lack in life. If we feel we have sufficient and more is coming to us, we will remain open to all the possibilities of receiving income through different sources. The universe only blesses those who think they are worthy of that.

How to let manifestation do the work?

How hard can it be to remain positive and happy and let the manifestation do the work? Find anything and everything that help to unburden the shoulders with the stress and anxiety that we have levied upon them. Yoga, meditation, exercise, nature walks, hiking, cycling, singing, dancing and all those activities that help us ground ourselves will do the magic. The trick is to remain happy and stress-free all the time. We have set an intention. We have complete focus on what we want. We are making the best use of opportunities that are coming our way. That is it. Manifestation has to work and will work in our favour. There is no other way.


Manifestation is a process of getting what we want in life and shaping our destiny with our own hands by setting out an intention. As most of us do not believe in fairy tales and have never learnt to see and sense beyond our senses, this concept may seem more of an illusion. Manifestation teaches that we need to believe it before we can have it instead of having it and then believing it. Positive thinking and affirmations are not just well-written lines that instil confidence in us but lines that can change our beliefs and help us become better versions of who we are right now. It means we are moving one step closer to our goal, every time we repeat them. Repeating affirmations, thinking positively and having faith in our set intention will make the manifestation work for us.


Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao01 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A desire should be strong enough and we should believe that we can achieve what we want. Then anything can be achieved. our approach to any issue should be positive. Then we can think of ways and means to reach the goal and we can clear step and step and reach the destination. Once you think that I may not be able to do this, you will be seeing only obstacles and your mind will never work on removing those obstacles. So your thinking will decide whether you will be successful or not. That is why people say if there is a will there is a way.
Faith in our abilities and confidence in our own efficiency will bring positive results. Some people may say it is not that easy, but we should remember that nothing in this world comes to you for free. You have to work for it, you have to try hard. Prepare yourself for any situation and start your journey. You are sure to reach your destination as desired.The author has brought out the concept of manifestation very well in the article.

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