Special precautions that we need to take during long distance travel

Based on a number of experiences, some of which are highly insightful, some tips for tourists who go on long trips to tourist destinations, are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


In recent times, particularly after the pandemic, people in India have started to travel to many places. Based on personal experiences and those of close friends and relatives, these suggestions or tips are given.

In particular, it is advisable to take into account these tips. a) Have a combo of two States in one tour b) Have groups of four or more people c) Customize only if you know reliable people d) Never engage in conversations with strangers and e) Be flexible in terms of what you eat.

Have a combo of two States

It is possible to visit more than one place, even in two different States, if one does proper planning. For example, it is possible to visit Chennai, then Kanchipuram, then Madurai, and move on to Trivandrum and also visited Alleppy and Cochin. It is possible to get the help of people whom you know and, of course, Google is the best guide. It is also possible to make arrangement when one travels in a group and the members are not only those who know the regional language, but also English as well to enable better communication in cases where, for example, hotel booking has to be done. Guidance from locals can also be easily obtained where regional language may be a hurdle.

Have groups of four or more people

When we go to remote places like the Chardham or take off to Jammu and Kashmir, it is extremely important to travel in groups of four or more people. The logic is simple. It should be noted that long-distance car travel, like in Uttarakhand can be physically tiring. Hence, even if one of them becomes a bit sick, making last minute to skip a few places and then the local doctors would advise the best rest to the tourist. We need to factor in such possibilities. It is possible, too, to reschedule and, if budget permits, take a flight instead of a train that involves a long journey can can be difficult for the person who is ill.

Customize only if you know reliable people

It becomes easier to manage a rather elaborate customized tour when you know someone really well from a particular starting point. For example, for a Chardham trip, somebody I know had a lot of acquaintances with local people in Haridwar, and one of them was a tour organizer who knew the entire route and the driver given by him was really good. The person who joined us also knew each location well and even when we had some problems in the hotels where we stayed, he could converse in Hindi and sort out our problems. We had a bit of flexibility as there were just four of us. Had we joined a bigger group, the flexibility of stopping the vehicle at so many places and also taking the right routes to reach the destinations might not have been so easily possible. It does help to have some local connection and if that is missing, then the local tour operators are the best, as they always operate under a brand and have good local connections and knowledge of the local rules and regulations.

Do not engage in conversations with strangers

This has been reported in some long distance trains. The biscuit gang operators are always out there. They would engage in so sweet conversations and then give others some biscuits to eat. When the people are drowsy, they would rob them. Of later, such practices have come down. Yet, there have been instances where strangers have cheated tourists. So it is always wise to not engage in any personal conversation with any stranger, anywhere and at any time.

Be flexible in terms of what you eat

Different places have different food cultures. It is not possible to find one State's food in another. For example, even though South Indian dishes are famous all over the country, the particular hotels serving such dishes in a North Indian location may not be as tasty as what one would find down South. One has to be flexible and get to eat what is available. Bread and jam are always available. Combined with some good fruits, this could complete one's dinner. And we will also be able to safeguard our health. Apart from this, it is always advisable to avoid street food. While one may get information through an informative YouTube video on fast food, naturally, one needs to be very careful and of course on long-distance travel, health is always important.


A few observations in terms of precautions and the finer details of some planning for long-distance trips, based on a number of experiences have been provided in the aforesaid article. Hopefully, these simple precautions may help those who plan their journey for very long trips.


Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao04 Mar 2023 Member Level: Silver   Points : 6

The author has come out with a good article that will be helpful for people who want to go for a visit to a distant place. When we are planning for long-distance travel, we should gather all the information about that place and also the places worth seeing around that area. The places may cover two states or three states. That is not an important point. But we should cover all the places around that place as we can't go again and again to such a distant place. So planning is very important.
Don't go in a group. That may not allow you to see the places you want to see. Instead of that a group of four or six that to well-known people with same eating habits will be good. The tour program should be made well in advance and points of stay should also be decided and hotel rooms can also be booked in advance.
Stay safe and eat good food only and away from junk food. Any stomach upset during the trip may make you disturbed and you may not enjoy the trip. So eat soft and manage more with fruits and vegetarian food.

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