Understanding basics of three concepts of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a very important aspect of understanding why we behave in the way we do. Similarly, it applies to all human beings and to several situations. In this article, we will discuss the basics of Leadership, Motivation, and Perception, in some detail. Very common examples are given, to specifically make it a non-technical essay of basics.


As human beings, we all exhibit some behavior or the other. We have our own sets of beliefs, values, and attitudes, and all human emotions and feelings are normally associated with such strong variables, that are totally unique to any human being at some point in time. It also happens that those with common beliefs, values, and attitudes group together and initiate social action on a much larger scale.

This is the reason why hundreds of people have come together with some initiative or the other, related to environmental preservation. There are start-ups, for example, where the innovators often design the syllabus and then even get a garden done just outside the classroom of LKG students. The logic is to catch them so young and make them feel something about the environment and its protection. This has been done for a fee, in some CBSE schools, as this will have a ripple effect.

However, the larger purpose behind the start-up is visible. Those who really believe that we need to give maximum importance to mother nature at the moment, join or start an enterprise that gives shape to the execution of that noble belief and thought. The values come along with the belief and then taking things to their logical conclusion, at least in terms of the core message of environmental protection, even if it is for some profit, should be appreciated.

In this article, we will discuss a) What is Leadership b) What is Motivation, c) What is Perception, and d) Relating all three concepts to oneself.

What is Leadership

Leadership is the ability to influence others. It is basically an influence process. For example, if A is able to relate to a group of people and the people obey whatever the leader is asking them to do at that point in time, he or she emerges as a leader and displays the most essential characteristic of leadership, called influence on others.

What if this ability is used for negative or destructive purposes? Yes, this is very dangerous and it is indeed possible. For example, most of the militant groups use brainwashing of gullible young men to make their big armies of militants who are taught that their enemies in the political arena need to be killed. That the followers of such a deep-rooted belief share such values and attitudes is a sad commentary on our times.

Be that as it may, a leader will always stand out. He will be able to articulate his ideas so clearly and there will be a big logic in whatever he does. He will be able to virtually see the future of the organization, fifteen years from now. Such leaders always dream, but when they dream, they are also able to visualize the actions that they need to take to make such dreams a reality. This is why such visionaries are highly successful leaders, and there is always a big imprint of such leaders. The late Mr. V. Krishnamurthi, the former Chairman of BHEL, SAIL, and Maruti Limited (those days better known as Maruti Udyog) was a giant of a leader, who always understood the pulse of the employees. He was instrumental in turning around the very sick SAIL.

What is Motivation

This is the unique and highly individualized inner urge, that is deeply embedded in an individual's consciousness, and finds expression in whatever they do. For example, in Tamil Nadu, there is this very strange behavior of thousands of fans of the leading heroes whose movies are released as blockbusters, throughout the State. They would first erect huge banners outside the theaters and happily pour at least ten liters of milk in public. Hundreds of YouTube videos and What's up messages of such visuals go viral and the crazy behavior happens throughout day one.

Why does this happen? It happens because the behavior and the traits that go along with their heroes in the form of mannerisms are deeply ingrained in the minds of the fans, who think that it is their duty to honor their heroes.

One might call it sheer madness, but it happens. This is the essence of motivation. In the positive sense, for example, there are music directors like A.R. Rahman, the national sensation, who devote at least twelve continuous hours per day to perfecting their competencies. Their passion becomes their motivation. Ravichandran Ashwin's thought process to produce a great variety of spin bowling has now made him an international sensation and today, he is recognized as a legend and the best off-spinner in the world, at the moment.

What is Perception

In the simplest of terms, this refers to the very basic understanding and opinion of one person about the world. For example, a person sees a butterfly. The individual, some twenty years old, is blissfully unaware of what goes on around him. For him, catching the butterfly is so important and he goes around the butterfly trying to catch it. Two children, aged around six, see this strange behavior and laugh at the young person. Another two women, mothers of these two children comment that this is a highly stupid waste of time.

What has happened? The same stimuli, that is, the butterfly is obviously seen differently by five different people, and for the children, it is fun. For the two women, it is a waste of time. But for the young man, it is his interest. This is the single most important thing in our lives.

When we start looking at each object, or feel any object, our perception of the present reality will be deeply embedded in our minds. However, we also need to go through facts and then understand any issue. For example, if we look at poverty, we need to understand how poverty happens in our country, and regions where the poverty is much more than in the rest of India, for example, South India and so on. We also need to understand how some States are addressing the issue and making some good interventions.

For example, it can be argued that the Government of Tamil Nadu goes on losing money when it offers free unlimited travel in local buses for women. But the small traders who travel by local buses earn some precious money by trading vegetables, fruits, bangles, unbranded textiles and what have you. They also earn money and buy branded products like Rs.10 packets of Lays or Bingo potato chips for their children. They also buy branded wheat atta, edible oil, and so on. When they purchase such items, they also contribute to the Government's coffers in terms of GST. Only such contributions make the various Government initiatives possible.

Relating all three concepts to oneself

It is important to understand how motivation happens to any human being at any time. Likewise, we also need to understand how to become Leaders in our own right. Knowledge is power. A housewife who prepares some excellent dishes and relishes the process of doing so is also a leader in her own right. And when we start perceiving things and also understand that one's perception of reality should be the same as the reality itself, we would have enhanced the learning process as it were and go ahead in life. After all, learning is a continuous process, and once we accept this process, everything will fall into place.


Three simple concepts of Organizational Behavior has been discussed above, in very simple and non-technical words. These concepts are quite easy to understand and we need to keep learning these concepts in our life.


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