Problems of elderly population in India

Nowadays, elderly people are suffering a lot. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the problems that they face, and how it can be solved.


Generally, the elderly population is considered as people aged 65 and above. In this age group, people have many health issues such as knee problems, blindness, sugar problem, etc. There is a great need to support them in this age group. Old age is a very crucial period of human life where you will feel helpless despite having a good bank balance. Nowadays, very few children are caring for their parents. Most of them are either ignored or compelled to stay in old age homes.

Problem of elderly people

Elderly people have to face many problems which are discussed below-

Health problem

This is one of the major problems in this age group. Generally, health issues as mentioned earlier are so much that they need the support of family members. Nowadays, everywhere, there are nuclear families, and hence often there is nobody to take care of them.

Financial problem

Many old people have to face financial problems. This is because although they become free from responsibility, they don't have a saving amount for themselves. In such a situation they have to depend on children. If children are nice then they care for their parents in case of money as well as health, but if not they have to suffer a lot.

Feeling of loneliness

Many seniors feel forgotten and abandoned, even those with children and grandchildren. This is because the younger generations get busy in their lives and their children's lives and don't always visit or phone regularly. Many seniors are ill-prepared for retirement. They don't have hobbies or activities to occupy themselves with.

Own accommodation

In India many senior citizens have no accommodation. So they have to live with children. Otherwise, they have to go to old age homes which are not ideal or costly.

How problems can be solved

Most elderly people are unable to do their daily routine work due to physical weakness. In such a situation they have to depend on others for even small work. Their confidence regarding living life is decreased. So, give them confidence that they still can do it, and encourage them to have a daily routine of activities for hobbies or interest. In my understanding, the worst problem for them is to feel that they are of no use and are dependent on others. So help them to remove such thoughts. Lastly, and most importantly, give them time your time. Engage them in family activities as much as possible. I am sure nobody wants to be alone without any work or engagement.

Other problems like health problems can be solved to some extent if senior citizens can take care of their own well-being by keeping active. Also, senior citizens should be financially independent. For this, they need to make a retirement plan from an early age. They can work even in old age if they are physically and mentally fit. Senior citizens should have insurance to meet emergencies. Otherwise, all savings may get spent.


Indeed, getting old is one of the ugliest stages of life but you can make it a happy one. Do all the things you always wanted to do and didn't, be involved in all kinds of activities, read and look for ways to enrich your life. Don't become old and feel useless and only watch TV, eat, and sit around doing nothing. Senior citizens should live a meaningful life by cultivating hobbies and continuing learning. Spirituality is the best hobby for a senior citizen.


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