The positive side of Social Media and Internet in our lives

The Internet and social media are real game changers. Without the internet, there is no life now. Everyone has access to the internet and it has changed the lives of millions of people around the globe. In this article, we will discuss some good things about the Internet and social media in our lives.


ITC is one of the best companies in India. It has consistently expanded far beyond its main cigarette business. Today, it has a pride of place among the best five-star hotels in India. Its FMCG business is growing by leaps and bounds. For example, there is a massive explosion of the internet in the past two decades. ITC has used the power of the internet to grow its FMCG business, through a major initiative called e-choupal, a superb exercise that involves the middlemen and the farmers in rural areas, provides them with the internet, and facilitates a massive amount of trade in the goods of farmers.

This has helped ITC to create a vast network of customers from among millions of farmers, who end up buying all FMCG products of ITC. What has made ITC a massive success?

It is the power of the internet. Similarly, the entire social media -- be that be YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or all other Indian entities, every single innovation has been made possible only because of the internet.

In this article, we will discuss a) The positive side of YouTube b) The positive side of Twitter c) The positive side of Facebook, and d) The Positive side of recent global developments.

The positive side of YouTube

YouTube is the innovation from the Google table. There is a massive revolution going on around the world, and YouTube is making a huge difference in the lives of millions of people in India, and everywhere in the world. The biggest advantage of YouTube is that it facilitates millions of YouTube videos in all languages. It is reported that the growth of YouTube is so stunning that the revenue earned from YouTube runs into billions of dollars, particularly through advertisements.

The cost of running a good YouTube channel is not much. One needs to be highly focused while; producing the videos. For example, housewives who are now experts in preparing a range of dishes have gone viral and have millions of followers and huge likes. When this happens, the world sits up and takes notice. The advertisers chip in and the channel becomes very famous.

The educational side of YouTube is simply tremendous. When YouTube opened up the world in terms of a number of educational videos on virtually every single subject in the world, the spread of education happens like never before. The reach of the videos is huge and the number of reactions to the videos is recorded in terms of likes and views.

There is a development in terms of what is called Data Analytics. This simply means that the viewer is being tracked through the most sophisticated methodologies of artificial intelligence. When a person views a particular video, the YouTube servers become active and track his interest. The next few minutes will enable that person to go through at least ten similar videos. This is called Data Analytics. For example, if I search for NLP Basics, immediately there will be at least two videos. The ten or 15 minutes that I spend viewing the first video is enough time for the data analytics experts to take over. Reportedly, the system at work gets the viewer to watch another ten videos.

This amazing technology brings with it a massive saving of time for the viewer. It also results in increased commerce, since YouTube makes money, every single time a viewer sees it. There are now paid videos, particularly those that relate to politics, and when one dares to question the so-called "System", the concerned authorities react in a very harsh way. To mitigate such moves, there are appeals for donations, and this is quite fine, as we now need independent media as well.

The positive side of Twitter

Twitter is another global influencer of opinions. Since it is a global platform operating from the USA, the most democratic country in the world, the no-holds-barred kind of approach of Twitter has its positive side. Many mass movements get started on Twitter, and this is really good news. CMs take to Twitter to highlight their everyday movements. Since whatever happens in the positive direction helps the shaping of mass values and opinions, the entire experience is positive. Those who are at the receiving end do receive the brickbats, which are often harmful. Yet, the positive side of Twitter far outweighs the negative side to a maximum extent.

The positive side of Facebook

Alongside Instagram, mass social media has now come alive only due to the reach of Facebook. This has enabled increased networking among people who studied in a particular college, University, or even school. Several billions of dollars of aid have been made possible only because of donors who are always rich people, often with High Net worth, settled in various parts of the world. Since they contribute to noble causes like building temples, infrastructure in Government schools, and so on, there is a massive difference. Facebook has saved billions of lives, during floods and other natural calamities. Facebook is the engine of solace, hope, and happiness for billions of people around the world.

The Positive side of recent global developments

The global online payment methodologies now make it so simple. The smallest of Kirana shops in the remotest of villages now have access to the internet and the QR code scanning and paying method has simplified the use of money and curbed black money as well. Since people are now earning good amounts of money, they do not hesitate to make online payments, knowing fully well that their bank balances and the movements of cash credits are watched by the IT authorities. Yet, there is a revolution of sorts, and PayTM, for example, even sponsors Cricket matches and the cup itself for the winner. Zomato, Swiggy, and the numerous other WhatsApp-based businesses have made India the fastest growing economy of the world, alongside China, which is even more advanced with the use of the internet.


Inspite of some negative consequences of misuse of social media like Facebook, there is always a big hope for the future and the positive side of social media and the internet is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in the years ahead, bringing about changes in the economy as a whole.


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