How to achieve a good work-life balance in life

There are many people who are confused about various aspects of life. They do not know how to be happy, even when being part of the rat race. Hence, it is vital to know how to be happy and enjoy life. Some aspects of this process with suggestions are sought to be discussed in this article.


Work-life balance is very important in everyone's life. We often observe that the happiest individuals are those who have a little more than what they need in life. While they are not super-rich, their focus enables them to save a little for their future at any point in time. They are very conscious of what they do and combine their lives with a lot of meaningful activities that enrich their lives and that of others as well. ty-two years old and in a good job. An observation of those with good work-life balance and their focus in life leads one to think that they do have some methodology for doing things.

Spending Quality time with family

This is one important aspect. The best work-life balance happens when we spend enough time with our children. Since this takes place every day, we develop deeper bonds of love and affection with our children and with our life partners, and older parents, if they happen to live with us. The compulsory thirty minutes of our time over dinner is the best way to get this done. This time will open up new avenues for action, as far as the family is concerned. The family will also be reassured of the emotional bonding, thus leading to a better work-life balance at all times.

Learning to be cool at all times

This comes when a person constantly starts practicing the art of being composed and at ease at all times. This often becomes a habit. when the person starts living in the present and starts working on the most urgent priorities of life, as a major step in attaining a work-life balance. Securing the help of the family members in doing the right things, for example, taking a good walk for a full thirty minutes by being awake rather early in the morning, is the first step in the right direction.

Completing the rat race by age 38

Fifteen years of twelve hours every day and picking up additional skill sets, including the new certifications, is the name of the game. There is no escaping from the fact that the new world will open up for highly skilled professionals. What one does in his career is so important. One should have the entire gamut of experience in a core field of specialization. One should ensure that he or she does not do the same job again and again.

This will lead to miserable slots in dead-end jobs. This activity trap should be avoided at any cost. One should even volunteer to do additional work. For example, a CBSE school teacher who shows initiative and learns all the additional skills will be highly rated in the market. Experience in all the so-called procedures pertaining to CBSE schools would mean that the teacher will automatically acquire leadership skills. It is also essential that the teacher should also acquire additional qualifications and even certifications in Education Management. Only such teachers will be preferred for the Principal roles. And if the teacher is a doctorate, it is even better.

The age of 38 is specified as a limit to acquiring the best skill sets and competencies. School teachers may even like to change jobs at this age and get into leadership positions as administrators. However, those who also teach an additional subject like Sociology will be highly preferred in CBSE schools. For those in the Corporate Sector reaching the position of Vice-President by the age of 36 is almost a big goal. This is quite possible if there is proper planning.

The age of 38 is suggested for thinking of other alternatives such as entrepreneurship since it is the secure bank balance and the security that is likely to give any individual a better work-life balance. If one goes on working beyond 38, particularly in the IT industry, there is now no guarantee of job security, as the axe may fall on experienced people at any time. If one is highly skilled and experienced, then it is time to start one's own enterprise. The initial few years may be tough, but when things start looking up, the work-life balance becomes better.

Effective goal-setting every five years

Effective goal-setting means becoming pragmatic. The trick is to learn from others. For example, an IT professional was forced to work from home in Chennai. His father-in-law invited him to spend his time at the huge farmhouse near a lovely town in South Tamil Nadu. Another IT tycoon has a big unit not far away.

Perhaps motivated by such an example, this IT professional also moved there. The villages are very fertile and lush green. The children were educated in good CBSE schools nearby. While the problem of exposure of children to competitive urban environments is likely to present itself in the next few years, since the children have a long way to go, the professional has stayed back to spend the next five years. He has plans to shift to another city where the slots for his expertise will be good at any point in time. He has now had the best of both worlds. The children like the vast space to play and have acquired new friends. His wife, who managed to get a transfer to a semi-urban branch nearby, finds life far more peaceful, too. He is not alone. There are many professionals from the IT sector who have now set new goals for themselves. This goal-setting is a continuous process.

Staying glued to new challenges

For the aforesaid individual, the new challenges will present themselves when he moves out. The new life will bring some challenges in settling down, but the learning process will be very good. Life is always like that. A good work-life balance needs to be carefully crafted and implemented.


A few important aspects of work-life balance have been discussed above. One needs to innovate as he or she goes along. This is also a continuous process.


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