Top secrets to always remaining happy

This article explains that happiness is our creation and is not based on external factors. There are ways to boost our happiness. Some of them are living a healthy lifestyle, practising gratitude, reducing stress, meditation and smiling more often.


Has anyone ever wondered why we do so much in our lives? We set many goals, work hard and try to accomplish as much as possible throughout our lives. What is the ultimate motive behind that? It is simple. We are in search of happiness. We attach our happiness to accomplishments. When we achieve something, we become happy. When we don't, we feel sad. When we are victorious, we sense happiness. When we fail miserably, we sense a loss. No one can be victorious all the time. No one can achieve everything in their lives. No matter how many efforts we make and how much we are determined but at some point in our lives, we will taste defeat. Does that mean, our happiness will be ripped apart from us? Is there no way by which we can keep experiencing happiness all the time? This article explains various ways to remain happy all the time.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a feeling. It is a feeling of joy. It is our creation. First, we create happiness, and then we sense it. We create a happy thought, and then we feel happy. What we think, so we feel. Then, if it is our creation, why don't we remain happy all the time? It is because we are so ignorant of this fact that we can create it and remain happy the entire day and throughout our lives. We feel sad or miserable because we have made it dependent on external factors. Our happiness does not depend on what we achieve, and what we don't. Outside factors keep fluctuating. Sometimes we will win, and other times we will lose. Sometimes we will be able to achieve, and sometimes we will not be able to complete our targets. If happiness is based on the ever-fluctuating outside circumstances then our happiness will also keep fluctuating. If we have based it on other people, even then, we will not always be able to experience it all the time. For example, if we think that if our near and dear ones love us, it will make us happy. If our friends and family care for us, we will feel happy. As soon as someone does not reciprocate the way we want them to, we will feel sad. Thus, it is a myth that we derive happiness from others or outside circumstances.

Why achieve the goal and then feel happy? Why not feel happy while achieving it? There is a major difference in both situations. We are happy, contented and thriving from the inside, and now we are out there doing what we want to do and accomplishing what we want to accomplish. Now, we are more clear than ever about the real intention behind our accomplishments. The intention is to reach a certain position in the job, earn more money, expand the business, gain more materialistic comforts etc. The intention is not to achieve happiness. It is because we already have it. Irrespective of whether we achieve or not, it is not going to alter our state of happiness in any way. We were happy before, during and after the accomplishment of that particular task. Thus, it is said that happiness is one thought away. All we have to do is go inwards, create and feel it. What we don't have to do is attach it to other people or outside circumstances. It is a state of mind. It is a natural quality of our soul. Thus, we need to discover it within and never let it fade.

Tricks to always remain happy

  • Practice gratitude
    The attitude of gratitude may sound simple, but it is the most effective to discover the happiness that was always within us. We do the opposite of gratitude. We keep complaining about everyone and every little thing. What we are expressing from within is that these people and situations bother us. When we bother, we are not stable from the inside. Thus, we are not happy. Why not practice gratitude? Look for goodness in every person and every situation. This way, we will feel good and bring others' attention towards their goodness. Gratitude does not mean that we will never take an action. We have to say what we have to say and we have to take action wherever we feel that actions need to be taken. It is just that, we will say everything and do everything without getting affected from the inside. Look for the goodness around us, and be grateful for every little thing we have. We are blessed with the present moment.

  • Encourage creativity
    We operate mainly from the left side of our brain. It is all about logic and reasoning. That is how we operate in this world. The right side is about creativity and intuition. It is all about how we feel and emote in the outside world. Happiness is a feeling. When we neglect our creativity, we suppress our feelings and emotions. Going to school, and college, working jobs, and living a certain lifestyle are all necessary. Yet, spending some time to let our creativity flow is also very important. It can be through our drawing, sketches, paintings, singing, dancing, cooking or gardening. It is different for different people. For some, it can be simply through interactions. Whatever it is, never feel that spending some time in creativity is waste of time. When we do what we like, we are completely involved and tapped into what we are doing. Thus, it is a type of mental exercise that helps us experience what we feel inside and emote the same through our artwork in the outside world.

  • Meditation
    Meditation brings our awareness to what exists in the present now. When our awareness rises, we look at the bigger picture. With raised consciousness, we experience what is and not what we don't have. There is no past or future but only the present now. When we concentrate on the present moment, there is no hurt created by past regrets and there is no fear of the future. When we focus on now, we experience that happiness is within us. When it is our creation, we can create it all the time and bring it to experience in our feelings and emotions. Meditation is a technique that calms down the mind. Thus, no matter how busy our daily schedule is, we have to devote some time to meditation and practice mindfulness to boost our happiness level.

  • Get rid of stress
    Stress, anxiety, irritation, and frustration all lead to depression are different states of mind where the mind experiences some kind of sadness at different levels. Certain triggering factors lead to stress and anxiety. Carefully observe what triggers these emotions in us. Try to stay away from such triggering factors or situations. If someone or something bothers us, initially try to avoid what affects our mood. If some conversation causes inner turbulence, try to avoid being a part of that conversation. Taking care in this way will keep our mood elevated for a long time. Although one cannot keep avoiding certain conversations, people or situations all the time. It is just for the time being. Once when we learn how to keep our mood elevated, we can answer our mind and try to calm it down. Once it accepts what we are saying, no one or no situation will bother us and we will always experience happiness all the time.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
    Happiness is a state of a healthy mind. A healthy mind needs a healthy body as an instrument. Thus, we must provide that. To keep it healthy, we need to exercise daily. Choose any exercise. It can be running or jogging for certain miles. It can be taking a morning walk. It can be hiking through natural trails. It can be yoga or breathing exercises. It can be indulging in some cardio exercises outdoors or inside the gym. Eat healthily. Eat everything necessary for a healthy body in the right amount and at right time. Follow a nutritious balanced diet. Never indulge in addictions. Temporarily these substances may elevate the mood but in long run can only cause depression and dependency. Try to stay away from them.

  • Smile
    Various factors can boost happiness in our lives, but the simplest of them is to smile. It costs nothing but eases out everything. What can be more generous and lively than smiling? When something does not go the way we want, we should stand in front of the mirror and smile. It is an assurance that everything will be fine. When we look into our eyes and smile, we are assuring ourselves that though the situations are not working out for us right now, we are okay, and when we feel okay, we will find a solution to our every problem and soon, we will sort out everything. Smile at the world and spread happiness and joy outside. The more happiness we will share through our smile, the more we will get to experience first.


Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao23 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Happiness is a state of our mind. The issue which makes us happy may not make the other person happy. So the individual should know what will give him/ her happiness. At the same time, we should not make others unhappy in our pursuit to be happy.
Never work under stress or force others to work under stress. When a person is in stress, his mind may not work properly and the chances of doing a mistake are more. That is every individual should know his strengths and weaknesses. Based on that analysis, he should try to attempt the works which he feels he can be successful in completing those works. That will bring happiness to the individual. Then he should start working on his weaknesses and see that they will become his strong points.

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