Advantage of living like a minimalist

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Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt      Post Date: 25 Jul 2023        
A minimalist is a person who spends only on basic needs and does not go for anything luxurious. Some people might call him a miser but a minimalist is not a miser. He will spend the money only where it is useful and required to cover basic needs.

Generally, people spend as per their earnings and spend significantly on household facilities, gadgets, and luxuries. Even after that they are not satisfied and yearn for more. A minimalist does not believe in going for luxuries blindly. He would first assess whether he can manage comfortably without those indulgences. If his daily routine is met with a bicycle in the town he would not go for the option of buying a motorcycle or car. A minimalist believes that life with minimum needs is a good way to achieve happiness and material acquisition is of no value.

A minimalist has the advantage that he would not have clutter in his house as happens with people who shop blindly and bring home items for the same purpose. They feel perplexed when they cannot maintain and manage those extra gadgets and tools in their household.

Unfortunately in society today, minimalists are not considered doing the correct thing as they do not fall in line with the common lot. People criticize them for their ways but minimalists know that what they are doing is eternal and good in the long run.
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