The Ultimate Guide to Food in Munnar: Where to Eat, What to Order, and More

Discover the culinary delights of Munnar with our ultimate food guide. Indulge in delectable local cuisine at popular restaurants like Rapsy Restaurant and Saravana Bhavan. Don't miss the chance to savor regional specialties like Kerala-style seafood and piping hot appam with stew. Uncover the best street food spots and experience the flavors that make Munnar a food lover's paradise.

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Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 09 Jul 2023        


Munnar is an idyllic town in Kerala, India, situated within the magnificent landscapes of the Western Ghats. Munnar, known for its green tea plantations and magnificent landscapes, also provides a wonderful gastronomic experience for foodies. In this detailed guide, we will look at the best locations to eat, popular local specialities, and helpful hints for enjoying Munnar's food scene. Prepare to go on a gastronomic trip through the flavours of Munnar, whether you're a native or a visitor.

Where to Eat

Munnar has a wide range of dining alternatives to suit all tastes and budgets. You'll find everything from quaint cafes to traditional Kerala eateries to suit your tastes. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Rapsy Restaurant: It is located in the centre of Munnar, and offers a broad menu covering Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Their speciality is outstanding seafood dishes that highlight the region's fresh flavours.
  • Saravana Bhavan: It is a popular vegetarian restaurant that serves traditional South Indian cuisine. Try a traditional thali (a platter with a variety of foods) or their famous dosas and idlis, which are prepared with care and precision.
  • Cafe Paprika: For those looking for a nice atmosphere with a European style, Cafe Paprika is an excellent choice. This small cafe serves sandwiches, spaghetti, pizzas, and freshly brewed coffee.

Local Delights to Try

Munnar offers a wealth of flavours ready to be discovered when it comes to indigenous food. Some food items you should try are given below:

  • Puttu and Kadala stew: Puttu and Kadala Curry are steamed rice flour cylinders served with a delicious black chickpea stew (kadala curry). The combo is popular among both locals and tourists.
  • Appam with Stew: Appam is a delicate rice pancake that is traditionally served with a mild and flavorful vegetable or meat stew. The soft and fluffy texture of the appam complements the rich flavours of the stew nicely.
  • Malabar Parotta with Chicken Curry: Enjoy a rough, layered Malabar parotta with spicy and spicy chicken curry. This meal is a tasty treat that highlights the cultural influences of the region.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Food Scene

Keep the following guidelines in mind to get the most out of your food discovery in Munnar:

  • Appreciate Local Street Food: Munnar's street food culture is alive with a variety of economical and delicious options. Don't pass up the opportunity to sample local treats such as banana chips, spicy tapioca fries, and Kerala-style samosas from street vendors.
  • Freshly Brewed Tea: Munnar is known for its tea plantations, so have a cup of tea that was just made while taking in the scenery. To taste the real flavours of Munnar's tea culture, visit one of the tea factories or tea kiosks.
  • Spice Plantations: Spice plantations exist in Munnar, and a visit to one of these farms is a must. Learn about the various spices grown in the region and sample their distinct flavours. Spice-infused meals are also available on some plantations, delivering a sensory treat.

  • Conclusion

    Finally, Munnar's food scene is a well-balanced blend of regional flavours and global influences. The town has something for everyone's taste, from traditional Kerala dishes to international cuisines. Explore the suggested restaurants, taste the local dishes, and engage yourself in Munnar's rich cultural heritage. Remember to immerse yourself in the lively food culture, have a cup of freshly brewed tea, and explore the exotic spices that define this exciting place.

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