Which is the fastest train in India?

The fastest train in India is the Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train 18. It can reach a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph) and offers a luxurious travel experience with state-of-the-art amenities. It represents India's commitment to high-speed rail and sets a new benchmark for speed and comfort. Share your comments and experiences on this page.

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Author: Apurva Tamhane      Post Date: 11 Jun 2023        

The Vande Bharat Express is the most recent and newest lineage of trains running in India. The train series although currently in production and development, have launched their first few lines on the rail routes. These trains will be the fastest-running trains and come under semi-bullet trains. The current versions of the Vande Bharat trains can run at a maximum speed of 180 kilometres per hour. Future developments will bring trains running at 220 to 250 kilometres per hour speeds.

Although these can technically be called the fastest-running trains according to their speed limits, the average running speed is under 100 kilometres per hour. This is owing to the current rail track limits, rail traffic, and surrounding public along with the entry and exits from the train stations.

These high-speed trains are charged a premium rate. They also provide amenities like WiFi, LED screens, bio-toilets, beverages and food, included in the ticket price.

The high-speed tag will be taken up by the upcoming bullet trains. They are said to run at 300+ kilometres per hour speed. A separate rail track is being built for these high-speed bullet trains in between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The total length being constructed is 508 kilometres. The total distance will take approximately under 2 hours to cover.

The other trains which are below the Vande Bharat Express category are mentioned below:

  • Gatimaan Express: This train runs between New Delhi and Agra at a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour (99 miles per hour).

  • Rajdhani Express: This train runs between major cities in India at a maximum speed of 130 kilometres per hour (81 miles per hour).

  • Shatabdi Express: This train runs between major cities in India at a maximum speed of 120 kilometres per hour (75 miles per hour).

These trains offer a fast and comfortable way to travel between major cities in India. They are a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Author: Vandana      Post Date: 16 May 2023        
Although the newly launched Vande Bharat Express trains are technically the fastest in India, with a speed of 180 km per hour, in reality, it seems (as per a news report), that these trains are much slower than that, some less than 100 km per hour. Hence, right now the fastest train is still the Gatimaan Express which runs at 160 km per hour. Then there is the hugely popular Rajdhani Express between Mumbai and the capital city New Delhi, reaching a maximum speed of 140 km per hour. Next is another Rajdhani Express, the one between New Delhi and Howrah stations, which can reach a maximum speed of 135 km per hour.

A relevant point is it is all very well to be eager to reach your destination earlier. Still, if the coaches of these high-speed trains are heavily shaking all through your journey, then it becomes tough to relax comfortably!
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