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Can I now submit the invoice?Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt26 Jun 2024
Sir am afraid they have not opened any branch in Chennai. They are bound to make tonnes of money if Forum ResponsesAB Sivakumar01 Jun 2024
How to enjoy a three-day trip to TiruchirapalliResourcesAB Sivakumar01 Jun 2024
The joys of living in the smaller townsResourcesAB Sivakumar01 Jun 2024
Understanding Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC): Concept, Uses, and ExampleResourcesdevan21 Apr 2024
In order to not betray the sincere loyal members who tried to keep SV afloat, I suggest please mergForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S14 Apr 2024
Opening ISC for general discussions, SocialVillage to pause activitiesForumTony John14 Apr 2024
I will say the truth without any hesitation. I won't say: "The future is bleak." I will say: This siForum ResponsesPartha K.02 Apr 2024
Now waht is the future of SVForumVenkiteswaran C S01 Apr 2024
I have read the prize-winning pst of Venkiteswaran Sir. The selection is apt. My congratulations!Forum ResponsesPartha K.28 Mar 2024
March 2024 topic-based contest winnerForumSankalan Bhattacharya26 Mar 2024
Most humbly and respectfully I request Shri Sankalan Bhattacharya and/or any other Editor dealing wiForum ResponsesPartha K.14 Mar 2024
My submission: Be judicious while ideas spring up 9639-be-judicious-while-ideas-spring-upForum ResponsesShampa Sadhya10 Mar 2024
Be judicious while ideas spring upForumShampa Sadhya10 Mar 2024
The author has used the topic word brilliantly and has given a short course on various concepts we lForum ResponsesPartha K.10 Mar 2024
The author has reminded all of us about the wristwatches of the good, old days. Nowadays, in the ageForum ResponsesPartha K.10 Mar 2024
Most respectfully and humbly I submit my second entry: <a href=" ResponsesPartha K.10 Mar 2024
They started returning home with spring in their stepForumPartha K.10 Mar 2024
My humble submission: <a href=" ResponsesPartha K.09 Mar 2024
‘Bosonto eshe gechhe’/The Spring has arrivedForumPartha K.09 Mar 2024
Just as the quantity of lemon grass used, this thread has less f Lemongrass and more of tea making. Forum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S06 Mar 2024
Lessons we have to learn from a springForumVenkiteswaran C S05 Mar 2024
The link to my entry for this contest is given below: <a href="/forum/9635-our-wrist-watches-had-spForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S05 Mar 2024
Our wrist watches had springs thenForumVenkiteswaran C S05 Mar 2024
March 2024 Topic-based contest - SpringForumSankalan Bhattacharya03 Mar 2024
Partha K, I have informed the Webmaster regarding the issue. Wait for a couple of days and I hopeForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya27 Feb 2024
Creative writing is not like sharing some kind of information with the readers. Rather it's an expreForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya27 Feb 2024
Since 1971, thousands of theories have been propagated to explain the disappearance of D.B. Cooper oForum ResponsesPartha K.27 Feb 2024
The history of cinema and the development of cinematography is a very interesting topic. This articlResource ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt27 Feb 2024
This is a very strange case of disappearing in air. He must be a very intelligent person that after Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt27 Feb 2024
Congratulations to the winner. I thank the jury for my award. Writing on a single-word topic is chalForum ResponsesShampa Sadhya26 Feb 2024
Congratulations to Partha K and Shampa Sadya , the FirstPrize and Second Prize winners respectively Forum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S26 Feb 2024
In response to this particular post of Umesh Sir, I have written about the mysterious case of the hiForum ResponsesPartha K.26 Feb 2024
Curious case of disappearance of Don CooperForumPartha K.26 Feb 2024
This was an interesting contest and I congratulate the winners for their outstanding entries. Well dForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt25 Feb 2024
I humbly accept this award. I also congratulate Shampa Madam for her award. Best wishes to the otherForum ResponsesPartha K.25 Feb 2024
A humble request to the Editor of Social VillageForumPartha K.23 Feb 2024
Very happy to see that the best threads are rewarded. After going through all the threads for the coForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao22 Feb 2024
Topic-based contest winners for February’24ForumSankalan Bhattacharya21 Feb 2024
My wife also allows me to boil the liquid for a while so that the content from the vegetables and otForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Feb 2024
If we have a variety of posts in various sections of this site, we can go through them so that we wiForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Feb 2024
There are some new developments like RBI extending the deadline, positive reaction from management, Forum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt20 Feb 2024
Creativity has little scope in this website. But, those are weak in English and want to improve theiForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Feb 2024
"Welcome and experience the creative writing opportunities here!".... I am afraid, whether thereForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S19 Feb 2024
Yes for most people it will be confusing. Many business models and systems are now confusing, obvioForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran C S19 Feb 2024
I fully agree with Umesh Sir. Any member of this site can sharpen his/her writing skill or expertiseForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Feb 2024
The probability of getting a prize in any contest depends on the number of participants and the qualForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt18 Feb 2024
Some of my friends are spending the PayTM balance whatever is there in their PayTM wallets and tryinForum ResponsesNeeru Bhatt18 Feb 2024
Living in a small and remote places is not so easy. Many people like to live in big places or citiesForum ResponsesNeeru Bhatt18 Feb 2024
Post on any topic or subject for sharpening your creative writing skills!ForumUmesh Chandra Bhatt18 Feb 2024

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