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    We should be more health concious during rainy season

    Rainy season is a pleasant season for many of us. But, I think that we need to be more health conscious during this season as communicable diseases are more likely to be spread everywhere. So, we should take good food and be careful regarding hygiene. We should avoid junk food and oily food. We should be careful regarding neatness of the surrounding area. Share your advice on staying health and fit in this season.
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    Yes, I completely agree. While during any season it is essential to avoid unhealthy food, during the monsoon we should curb our cravings. At other times, we may indulge in a yummy chaat dish from a roadside vendor or drink fruit juice at a beverage stall. In the rainy season, though, this is not safe for our health. There is also the care needed to ensure we drink properly boiled water. In my case, I don't eat street food anyway, other than a corn cob on rare occasions. I also completely avoid leafy vegetables in the monsoon as my digestive system goes haywire!

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    Despite being comparatively cooler weather compared to the scorching summer heat, it is extremely critical to ensure you remain well hydrated. Drink enough water and boil the water if you want to avoid any risk of water-borne disease. A special diet & management plan follows if you are having Diabetes, Blood pressure & other chronic diseases. Monitor your readings & consult with doctors regularly if the condition is worse.

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    That is correct. In rainy seasons chances of diseases spreading are high and we should take extra precautions during this season. We should not get wet during rains and we should protect ourselves from these rains using umbrellas or raincoats. The kids will have fun getting wet during the rain. That will lead to cough, cold and fever. So we should see that they will not play in water accumulated due to rains. We should be very disciplined in our eating during this season and it is better to avoid eating outside foods. Insects will cause havoc to us during this season and we should protect ourselves carefully from these insects.

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    The author has rightly said that we should take special care in the rainy season. Although every new changing season brings with it some good pleasant feeling at the same time there are some diseases and one should enjoy the season while doing so. The biggest problem in rain is that due to lack of sunlight, many small germs and bacteria start growing. Sometimes even small carelessness can spoil the food items because these days the humidity is very high in the weather. There is a lot of cleanliness in this season, especially the elderly and children in the house because they sometimes become careless towards themselves. As we are already dealing with a pandemic these days and we are aware of the upcoming third wave so, in such a situation, caution and safety become even more important.

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    The rainy season is a time when we have to keep a good hygiene and keep a control on our food intake as stomach disorders are very frequent during this season. Our elders used to tell us to observe fast on some select days during the rainy season as that brings the order in our body.

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    These days dengue is affecting many people, due to the storage of unclean water in many places, mosquitoes on their form and that is a risky time for people so it is necessary to keep yourself away from such places and clean the area as much as you can, do not store dirty water not even in coolers. Keep cleanliness will help to avoid many diseases. If possible used a net on your bed to avoid mosquitos attacks.

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    Yes why do you even bother? The rain has always led to a lot of these diseases and one can say that there is even more to look for it than we all try to do at this point. I mean you can still figure it out somehow and still get the best reviews that one can do to keep it interesting like any sickness would do as it is.

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