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    Entertainment is necessary for a healthy life

    Most of the time we are serious in our lives. But always being serious makes one a stone-hearted person. Entertainment just means spending time with our family and friends. Talk to them, and share our thoughts. Hence, entertainment is very much needed for our healthy lives.
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    Yes, I do love entertaining myself. For me I love watching movies all day.

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    Yes entertainment is very much needed for our day to day life. Entertainment means spending time with family and friends and going out together. Even watching a television or movie is entertainment but must be spent with someone either friends or family.

    Nowadays many kids and even adults think entertainment as using apps and mobiles which must be avoided.

    If we are serious it may lead to mental depression. So please spend time with family.

    I agree to Dr. Sanchita's statement.

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    Entertainment is necessary in our lives. It is human nature that it seeks change. Whenever we are continuously doing some activity then we want change. When we are working hard then we want some leisurely hours and entertain ourselves. The definition of entertainment changes from person to person. Different people have different hobbies and they will accordingly find an entertainment activity for themselves.

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    Ashok Kumarr,

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