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Entertainment encompasses a variety of fields that create enjoyment and delight us. It is something that may help us relax, have fun, and spark conversations about what we liked or did not like about the particular form of entertainment.
An individual can be an entertainer or be entertained as part of an audience. Share your experiences of both in this social village. Keep in mind that entertainment is not just about celebrity shows and stage performances that we've organized or taken part in or seen & heard. Books & Magazines, FM shows, TV soaps, OTT Web series, Games that brought joy & laughter...the list is endless!

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p ramachandran
05 Feb 2024
Partha K.
28 Dec 2023
Apurva Tamhane
14 May 2023
Dr N V Srinivasa Rao
13 Mar 2023
Dr. Sanchita Ranjan
16 Jul 2022

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