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    Please share your experiences about alternative medicines

    Today medical science has advanced much and people are undergoing various medical treatments for different ailments and a large number of surgeries are also being done for curing the illness. Modern medical treatment system known as Allopathy has become a part of our lives and many of us can't think about disease eradication without the help of it. But there are some alternative medicine systems also known as Ayurveda or Natural or Homeopathy which are being used by many patients for getting rid of their ailments. These alternative medicines might appear of limited use but people are using them for some of the ailments in which they are seen to be very effective.
    What is your experience of taking alternative medicines? Please share your views and experiences is in this regard.
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    I have taken homeopathy medicines only for the times when I got a cold, and this was years ago. Later I did not find it effective and switched to allopathy only. One of my relatives has found nutritional tips from an Ayurveda practitioner very beneficial for an ailment, but had not taken any medicines as such.

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    Once I had also taken some homeopathic medicines but they were not effective and finally I had to goto an allopathic doctor. I was told that probably the homeopathic medicines were not prescribed correctly because a small change in reported symptoms can change the medicine.

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    Let me share my experience with Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines take time in giving the results and these are basically for toning the body for avoiding the disease.

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    I took a dietary supplement based on extracts. The inflammation has gone and the pain is gone too. It's also good for prevention. But I think in serious cases, with chronic problems, it is better to complement the therapy to enhance the effect.

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    Adam, you are very right. In some cases these things might help but we do not know it beforehand and are forced to go for allopathy.

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    Anything the practice of Medicines we should see from our body condition. There is a saying, 'Noi naadi Noi mudhal naadi', which means Before giving medicine after diagnosing the disease, one correct doctor should see the base of disease in the patient. When a child brought to a doctor for cold, the doctor should casually talk the child what it ate earlier. So that the doctor can give correct medicine whether light or strong to the patient.
    Some persons might have allergic for some medicines means we should not come to the conclusion that the type of treatment given to him is wrong. Generally Ayurveda medicines do not have side effect but one external ointment gave reddishness in me with itches. On consulting the doctor he told me that medicine is allergic to my skin.
    Even in allopathic treatment, doctors used to ask any medicines allergic to that patient. So, the treatment pattern whether Ayurveda or Allopathic or Homeopathic everything is according to the particular body condition. Mere seeing in websites we should not come to any conclusions.

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    I use regularly Ayurveda Medicines only. Very rarely I will go for allopathy medicines. My grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor. He used to prepare medicines on his own. He used to give medicines those days in a village where he was working as an elementary school teacher. The whole village was using his medicines only.
    Oneday one of my sisters was suffering from fever. Temperature was very high. My father wanted to take her to an allopathic doctor in a nearby town. My grandfather gave her medicine just before starting. By the time we reached that nearby town, the temperature came down. The allopathic doctor appreciated my grandfather's medicine.
    There are very good medicines in Ayurveda. There will be no side effects and these medicines will treat the root cause and see that the problem will not get repeated. But it may take a little more time and we should have the required patience.

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    There are a large number of ayurvedic, homeopathic, natural, and other medicines and supplements available today in the market. We have to discuss the details with the doctors before taking any medicine as it can be harmful by creating allergy in our body.

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