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    Do you believe that good health is God's gift?

    Health is wealth and most of the people try to keep it in good condition by doing exercises and taking proper foods etc. Even after that some people are not able to maintain it due to various reasons like attack of disease creating microbes or viruses on our bodies resulting in various ailments.
    It is strange that some people don't take much precautions for care of their health but whatever be the reasons they keep a good health and enjoy a healthy life. That is a surprising fact but I have seen many such cases.
    Do you feel that health is a matter of chance and it is actually god's gift to an individual? Please share your views.
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    Health is true wealth. If everything is there with you except health, you will not have happiness. If you have nothing but health also, you can try to get what you want and you may attain happiness with whatever you achieve. So health is very important.
    Everything in life is a God's gift only, I feel. Being healthy, being rich, and enjoying life, All are God's gifts only. What He gives to whom is His prerogative only, These are my feelings. So be faithful to God. But at the same time don't practice unhealthy acts. In such a case, God also can't help you. Be health conscious and take all necessary precautions. then you will be healthy.
    What the other says is right. Even after taking all required precautions also, we are suffering because of acts beyond our control. we should think that God is not with us. Maybe God is not happy with our acts and hence He is not coming to our rescue. In such cases, we should think that health is God's gift only.

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    Some people think that money can buy everything in this world. But even money cannot buy good health for us. There are many other factors which contribute towards good health.

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