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    Importance of food in life

    As we all know food is essential for human beings as well as animals. But still, in this world, there are people who waste food every day. Take our own country, India has a population of 140 crores. There are many people in our country who sleep on empty stomachs every night. And on the other hand every day at weddings and birthdays, too much food is wasted. Instead, they can give this food to the poor people. Food is important for everyone. So, wasting food this way should be prevented.
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    What I fail to understand is why people heap up their plates and then waste the food. Consider a marriage function. If it is a buffet, then you are selecting what you want. So why not finish it completely? Why take something that you will not eat? Even if it is a traditional sit-down, where food is served on a plantain leaf, you can surely say no if you do not want something. It is true that the servers move along the line of guests at a fair pace, but still, all you need to do is put both hands across above the leaf, ask what it is that is being served, and politely say no if you are not going to eat it. For example, if I do not want to eat deep fried food like puris or pakodas or jalebis, I will not take it from the buffet counter/not accept it from the server.

    I also see a lot of people taking pickle, onion rings, cucumber pieces, tomato slices, and chutney that is at the start of the buffet and then leaving it untouched on their plate. Lemon wedges also go waste needlessly.

    Another thing that is wasted is drinking water. Never take a glass of water or a bottle and leave it half-finished whether in a restaurant, at home, or at a function. It will just get thrown away. We all know that our planet's water resources are drying up and have seen for ourselves within our own country dry river beds and drought situations that destroy a farmer's crops. It is such a criminal waste of such an important element that sustains both human and animal lives.

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    I appreciate the author for her concern about wasting food. There are many people who are hungry and not able to have a meal at least once a day.
    Now there are some people who are trying to collect waste food from functions and that is being distributed to people who are having no food. I have seen some posts on Social Media mentioning the phone numbers to which we can make a call.
    Buffet dinner or lunch is actually good to control wastage, if the people are sensible enough. The plate is in their hands, They know how much they can eat and what are their preferences. Even then people fill their plates and leave food on the plate. All people should think about this and should avoid wasting food.
    During my brother's daughter's marriage, the number of guests expected was more and actual attendance was less. So food sufficient for 50 people was left over. Then we handed over that food to an orphanage near by and the same was served to the kids as dinner.

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