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    One should convert their setbacks into comebacks

    We are all human beings and we will be attempting many works. Some tasks we will complete successfully but some times we may not be able to achieve the desired goals and we will be getting stuck in between. These will make us disappointed.

    But the fact of life is definitely there will be some setbacks. We should use them as our learning points. When we attempt some work we will get some obstacles. Worrying about those obstacles will not lead us anywhere.

    When Hanuma and others went to search for Sita, they went up to the Ocean. None of them understood how to cross over. Many started worrying. But the old and experienced Jambavanta took the initiative and encouraged Hanuma to cross the ocean and after Jambavanta's advice, Hanuma understood his fool strength and crossed the river.

    When we are travelling in a vehicle we should not worry about the speed breakers. We have to slow down, cross the speed breaker and continue.

    In the same way, when there are some setbacks, we should analyse the situation and we should understand where we went wrong. Once we understand the mistake, take corrective actions and go ahead. Then we can convert all-over setbacks into comebacks.

    This is my entry for
    September 2023 Topic-based contest - Comeback
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    Setbacks will always be there but a person who is not demotivated by them and keeps on doing efforts to get success subsequently is the real winner and there are examples of such persons around us who make a glittering comeback even after repeated failures.
    For quite some time Shah Rukh Khan, the bollywood star, was not doing well and his career was lying low but he has made a comeback with his latest film 'Jawan' which is doing excellent on the box office.

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