Some people have no drive for progress

It is said that people who have a drive in their lives to attain their goals work hard and show a great degree of determination and energy to achieve that. We all yearn for something good and prosperous in our lives but how many of us are able to work hard, concentrate, and focus to achieve those objectives? The answer is only a few.
Many people do not have a drive to work hard, drive to achieve, drive to rise in their lives. They always feel jealous of the successful people and curse their own luck for not getting prosperity and success in their lives. Psychologists believe that such people lack encouragement and motivation in their lives and also are lazy by nature. They simply want to get all benefits and gains in their lives without doing any hard work for it. They have no interest in work. They even tell lies and cheat others to hide their deficiencies.
These people are burden on the society and also on their families.
We have to be careful and keep alert from these people as they would always mislead us and would create problems for us. If possible we should keep away from such people.

This is my entry for topic based contest for the month of November 2023