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    How to make SV popular - please provide your inputs

    It seems there was not enough drive in most of the members to participate in this month's topic-based contest as there was only one participant. Naturally, we cannot decide on any winner and for that, just provided enhanced points and cc to the lone participant. In the previous two months, members participated in the monthly topic-based contests in the village and there were winners. We were also thinking of enhancing the prize money based on the interest among members but it is a disappointment to see the lack of enthusiasm in them to participate in this month's topic-based contest.

    There must be some reasons behind this. I understand the awards are very less and not many contests are organized in the village because of less participation in Forum activities hence asking our members to provide their valuable suggestions.

    Most of you are associated with ISC and contribute there in various sections. You contribute to ISC in a specific domain of academics and some of you have pointed out the lack of activities in the ISC Forum. I know many of you are also willing to contribute regularly on various topics other than education and if that is the case, why not use this platform? I am sure you can use this platform at Social Village to contribute to various topics and engage in lively discussions in the forum. If activities pick up on this platform there will be revenues which can be shared among the contributors, though it is time taking these days because of the tough challenges from various other websites, and we all will be benefited.

    Well, I have provided some inputs on the present situation of Social Village and request all of you to give your views, irrespective of your association with ISC, to make this platform active. Everyone has a role and members have a very important role as they contribute regularly. Think of it from all aspects and please give your suggestions so that the villagers can become very active.
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    Social Village should encourage members. It need not be by giving money. It can be in many ways. The site encourages people who rarely visit the site but not the members who regularly visit. Initially, we should see that many members will participate regularly. Some members jump in when you announce a contest. Other times they will be silent and they don't even have time to open the site. This aspect is to be seen and the top people of the site should how to bring members to this site.

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    I have already mentioned some points in this regard in ISC and SV in some related contexts.

    A golden opportunity to attract and tap talents and sources was the time when ISC changed to a focused educational sector channel. Many members, mostly generalists and 'forum-ites', looked upon SV as an alternate green grazing yard. Many of them joined SV with hope, expectation and enthusiasm.
    But also, the response and reaction from the SV channel was disappointing to them.
    Though most of them understood the teething trouble of a tottering baby in growth, the SV site establishment did not catch up that opportunity and simply gave sense that they ignored SV and were happy in the newfound glorious change of ISC.

    In that spirit they copied the new design template of ISC at SV also. The initial prop up action by the then newly appointed WM also gave a feeling that SV also is going to be a clone of ISC.
    They could have simply let SV as it was; and using the migrant members from ISC and all new coming members, SV site should have been built up.
    As ISC has now changed to a focused educational sector channel, SV should have been placed as a general and social topic channel. The Ask Experts section and Articles section should have ben retained just as it was earlier.

    Even now it is not late. Let SV establishment take a decision whether they want SV to be retained as a general topic channel. If they categorically announce and declare so, members will flock back.
    Then as initial step, points may be given and when the accumulated point reaches a certain quantum a certain cash credit should be given . Once the site starts getting revenue, the cash credit may be gradually increased.
    Though members may be magnanimous and understanding and supportive, they cannot waste their time in fruitless efforts.
    Hence the ball is in the SV court and it is for SV back office to come with feasible and workable motivating programmes.

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    Dr Rao, thanks for your feedback @#28309. There you mentioned SV encourages rare visitors but not the regular ones. Can you please elaborate on this to help us understand? If possible you can always provide links to any posts or responses so that we can address the shortcomings.

    Venkiteswaran sir, thanks a lot for providing your inputs @ #28311. You have provided a couple of suggestions which will be looked into by the Admin and also said that the reaction/response from SV is quite disappointing. To analyze it properly, please let us know why you found it disappointing. You may always provide examples to help us understand in a better way.

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    I am going to submit my views freely and frankly. Editors may not like these views and they may completely deny the facts which I am going to state here. Nevertheless, I am submitting my opinion point-wise.

    (a) If Social Village (SV) wants to grow quickly, it must stop following the old structure of India Study Channel (ISC). SV must be different. Its structure and working must be different. There must be new sections. It must allow to provide external link very easily. It must allow to upload pictures from Internet. In short, SV must follow Quora, not old ISC.

    (b) If the Editors truly want to have 'lively discussions' as stated in this present post, they must not abruptly delete posts or comments. Again I will advise the Editors to study the functioning of Quora. Quora allows free-flowing discussion on any and every topic. The post/reply/comment is deleted only when there is mass reporting against such post/reply/comment by the readers and not by the Editors (Moderators in case of Quora). Editors of SV must not behave as all-powerful dictators.

    (c) Editors are extremely prejudiced against some Members (although they vehemently deny this phenomenon). Such attitude would not help growth of this site. Editors must be impartial in their action, not in their words.

    (d) Finally, the Webmasters and Editors must stop their effort to entice Members with monetary profit. They must remember that regular and time-tested Members (of ISC) write because they get pleasure out of it. Monetary incentive is only an insignificant bonus. Only some greenhorns think about monetary benefit out of writing, but they don't last long.

    I suggest the Webmasters and Editors to study the functioning of Quora and similar sites to develop SV as a strong site independent of old or new ISC.

    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    I am positive about the future of SV because in my view it is slowly progressing ahead only. As I mentioned earlier also, somehow we have to create a good number of contests every month to attract the members to it. The cc may be small and only in the range 20 to 30 but it should cover more members. When more members are benefitted then a feeling of competitiveness would also emerge which is necessary for enhanced contributions.
    Let us understand that very few sites in internet are paying cash credits to the contributors and whatever little amount SV is able to pay will be a good benchmark for others.

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    My thanks to you all for your valuable suggestions. For the development of any website suggestions from the contributors are essential and you have provided your opinions. These opinions will be analyzed by the Webmaster and we hope with all of our collaborative efforts, the popularity of SV will increase.

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