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    Malayalam a classical language very relaxing to the ears!

    I was born in Andhra Pradesh and Telugu is my mother tongue I thought there was no language sweeter than Telugu when I saw YouTube shorts and reels of Malayalam music and classical if you have a rush of blood when you hear these Malayalam classicals songs your blood will calm down and cool down at the rate of knots superb.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. In our country we have got a number of prominent languages and in each and every language there are so many songs, so many movies made, and so many video programs are available for the benefit of viewers.
    I have listened to some of the melodious songs in various languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam etc and they are captivating in one way or other.
    Then it also depends on the singer who is singing a particular song in a particular language. The lyrics are also an important element in making the song effective.

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