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    Music of the film 'Raincoat'

    The Hindi film was first released on 9th July 2004 at the very famous Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The film became very famous and was released in different countries outside India, This film was released in India on 24th December 2004. The name of the Hindi film is 'Raincoat' and was directed by famous Bengali film director Rituporno Ghosh.

    The shooting for the film was completed by Rituporno Ghosh in only 16 days. The low-budget film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and Aishwarya Rai was nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress. This Hindi film by the Bengali director was the milestone of acting career of Ajay Devgan, Annu Kapoor, Mouli Ganguly and Surekha Sikri. This film is an adaptation of two short stories- a Bengali short story 'Protihingsha' by Manoj Basu and 'The Gift of the Magi' by O. Henry.

    But here I am not going to discuss the brilliant film. I am only talking about the songs of the film. I heard these songs only ten days back and I am simply spellbound. The music director Debajyoti Mishra did a brilliant job and the songs sung by Subha Mudgal and Hariharan are most probably their best performance. I have been a fan of Subha Mudgal for many years but Rituporno and Debajyoti have used her sonorous voice the best.

    All the songs of 'Raincoat', i.e., Mathura Nagarpati, Piya tora kaisa Abhiman, Raha Dekhe, Akele hum Nadiya kinare, Hamari Galiyan hoke Aana, and others are simply brilliant and also used appropriately.

    I am very angry with myself because I have heard these songs only now. I request all villagers to listen to the songs of 'Raincoat' on Youtube and watch the film at the earliest. (YouTube link:

    India (along with West Bengal) lost a great film director due to untimely death of Rituporno Ghosh. I have no doubt that he would become a true successor of Satyajit Ray if he reamined in the world and continued film direction.
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    Rituparno Ghosh was among the finest film directors and his untimely death created a void in the industry, especially the Bengali film industry.

    Though I have not seen the movie Raincoat, I have heard a couple of songs. The songs from the film that I heard were quite impressive but interestingly, it hardly came to my mind to enquire about the film. My thanks to Partha for sharing more details about the film and now I feel like enjoying the movie once.

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    I like to listen a variety of songs very much as well as seeing and enjoying different films. The author has evoked a lot of curiosity in me for the said film and especially its songs.
    Thanks for sharing.

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