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    There is a remote possibility of getting prize in lucky draw or lottery

    Many of us are buying lucky draw tickets or lottery tickets or participating in jackpot contests and hope that we may get the prize. But we forget that when there are so many people participating in the chance contest or lucky draws then more the people participate less the chances are of getting prize to a particular person. I would say that it is a remote possibility that a person gets the prize in such a situation. Still many people do it for the excitement of participating in the lucky draw and mostly it is a fun and entertaining activity.
    Do you also feel that getting a prize in a lucky draw is a remote possibility?

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    I fully agree. If we consider the probability, the chance of winning a lottery is always less than 0.01%. The chance of winning the first prize in a lottery is less than 0.0001%. Even then, lakhs of people waste their hard-earned money purchasing lottery tickets. Sometimes, this habit of purchasing lottery tickets causes bitter quarrels among family members or between husband and wife.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    It is the firm belief of every fortune seeker that he stands all the best chances to win. It is this fervent and hot hope that helps the lottery, bet and wager an speculation industry thrive.
    It is mostly those who believe in easy money( unlike hard earned money) who encourage the lottery and other similar speculative activities.

    But mathematics and probability calculations apart, blind faith and belief ells us that we have full chance to win also.
    It is the only field(speculation, lottery etc.) hat people are positive that they can totally reverse their previous failure or loss and recoup in the very next chance. It is this blind fling that leads most into pitfalls and total destruction. For them logic and common sense are enemies and will not work on their minds. Unfortunately society has failed to treat lottery as addictive habit.

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    When I was in intermediate, I used to buy Lottery tickets run by different state governments. Every month I used to purchase tickets for Rs.20/-. Once I got a prize and the value of the prize was Rs.500. Another time I got another Rs.200/. Later on, I stopped purchasing.
    What the author said is very true. The chances of winning depend on the number of tickets sold and number of prizes. These lottery tickets will be sold in lakhs of numbers the number of prizes will be less and the Jackpot will be only one prize. So the probability of winning will be in PPM only ( Parts per Million only). But people forget all these facts and figures and go to buy these tickets. The more the number of tickets you buy, the more the chances of winning but there is no guarantee that you will win the prize. These days these state government-run lotteries are not in force I think.
    But people are always optimistic and want to try their luck.

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    That is true in case of a lottery but the probability of getting a prize in any contest depends on the number of participants and the quality of the entry. More the competition less the chances. Main thing is that we must participate in them and take a chance.

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