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Second prize winner for the monthly topic-based contest in February 2024.
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    Life throws remote chances in various cases

    In different spheres of life, people come across situations which never confirm their ultimate result unless it reaches its end. In such conditions, various possibilities are termed remote chances. Life is full of ups and downs, and no one can assure the outcome, especially in academic examinations, sporting contests, competitive tests, and even creative contests, and not to be ignored the health condition of critically ill patients.

    Uncertainty is part and parcel of any competition and even life-threatening situations, not just due to fatal disease, but war, natural calamity, and violent protest all throw a challenge to the people to determine their line of action. One can take action, but what would be the outcome remains a matter of concern. The sure shot result is usually a distant dream, but when one gets what one has wished for, make the moment to cherish. Alas! It's not true in every case, especially when patients fail to recover, players finally lose, and students who finally do not succeed and thus, remote chance results in the heartbreak of the concerned person. Thus, remote changes can result in happy or unhappy moments in people's lives.

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    Feb Topic Based Contest 'Remote'
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    Truthfully, I am one who feels that there are ample chances and alternatives in life for us. Unfortunately most of us do not even try to search an immediate sure alternative, but simply throw our hands up in accepting failure.
    If one door is closed in front, there are still many doors ready to open all around us. What we need is to turn around or at last slightly tilt and look.

    My thread Chance of my winning this contest is remote is just a pun or fun only.

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    When the results are not to our expectations, surely we will get upset. But sometimes the results will be much better than our expectations. Then we will be excited. Sometimes what we think is a remote chance may result in the end and that may leave us sometimes in happy moments. So here destiny plays an important role. After my MSc, I applied for a CSIR fellowship for research. My research guide told me that the chances of getting a fellowship are very remote. But by the grace of God, I was one of the few students who go that fellowship at our university that year. That has changed my life completely and even today also I am thankful to the Almighty only.

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    When chances for something to happen is remote but it happens then we become very happy and feel blessed. So there is no harm in trying even if something appears too difficult and remote to achieve.

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