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    Chance of my winning this contest is remote

    Yes, I am referring to the February 2024 Topic-based contest - Remote. The chance of my winning prize in this contest is remote,(unless the editors feel to award a special prize to me) as I could not post the entry within the deadline. I was on a travel and returned only yesterday.
    But the topic was so interesting and appealing to me that it spontaneously spurred a feeling of loss I me and prompted me to pen this using the same keyword. It was not in mind even remotely that I will miss one of my favourite contest.
    But I do not want to sit with remorse and spoil my mood and day, because I am aware that our life itself is controlled from remote-call it God, destiny, fate or luck or any other term. I am a pucca realist and always keep in mind what my father used to remind me and reinforce me- the saying" if the water level goes beyond your head, don't worry, there is a boat even above that level".
    Let this saying also encourage you all even though I am siting remote from you. That is called remote control too.
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    An excellent thread depicting the philosophy of life of the author. Although I accept that the chance of winning SV award is remote, but this thread will win the hearts of many readers. Isn't it the best reward for an author?
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    Good to read. All human beings should be optimistic and should have positive thoughts only. Even though the last date for submission is over, the author created a good thread based on the topic given for the contest. It may win or may not win the prize. But the thread will get appreciation from many of the readers.
    Our lives are indeed controlled remotely by God. That is what we all believe. We may call it destiny. We plan many things but the plans may not work out as thought and the outcomes may not be as expected. Then we will it is the wish of God. Whatever He wants to do will only be done. We can't do anything without His consent.
    The author is destined to post this thread only after the due date and so it happened.

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    Very interesting post. A piece of good creative writing. The title is very catchy and drawing our attention.

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