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    Season changes our routine life

    As far as we all know, every year, we face many seasons. As the seasons come and pass by we notice changes in our routine life. For a better understanding we can take the example of the summer season, as the summer season arrives people start wearing light-colored cotton clothes and don't come out of their houses frequently but if we take a look at the winter season we completely change our daily routine, we start wearing dark-colored woolen clothes and can come out whenever we want. Many more changes can be counted. Likewise in the rainy season, we have to either carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat. We also avoid eating oily food. In this season we choose to go out whenever necessary. So, I would like to conclude by saying that seasons can change our daily routine life.
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    Coming to the post, it is true that change in seasons affect our routine life significantly. We have to adapt to this change in season otherwise we will be affected by it in various ways. For example health is the most tender thing which is affected by the change in seasons. Further, our routines like - to wear a particular dress or take umbrella with us and things like that add up and make us more busy during those seasonal changes.
    Smart people take preventions and precautions during the change of season and are well prepared for that in advance. I think we should also try to follow their ways.

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    That is true. Change of season will change our way of life. This is mainly due to the change in the atmosphere. We eat according to the season. Our dress code will also depend upon the season. In summer we will wear thin dresses so that we will not feel hot. But in winter we will try to wear thick dresses so that we will not get cold easily. We will be more hungry in summer and we may consume higher quantities of food. But in winter our hunger will come down and digestion also may become slow and hence we may consume easily digestible foods in small portions.
    If it is rainy season we will keep an umbrella in our car. We will keep raincoats on our bikes. Whenever we go out we may carry an umbrella with us. In the rainy season we should be more careful as the chances of getting sick are high during this season.

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