The Emerging Tourism Areas for All Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat is one of the most diverse States in India. Its history stretches over a long years from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period. Gujarat is endless journey from roots to wings is timeless with historical and cultural traditions glorifying the State.

Some good reasons to travel to Gujarat

1) Travelling is therapeautic
2) Travelling is educational
3) Travelling helps in learning diverse Culture traits
4) A visit to Gujarat is rejuvenating, relaxing, Inspiring
5) Relate to the vibrant culture and make friends
6) Leave for higher Learning and spellbound memories and lasting impressions.

The Emerging Tourism Areas

Tourism in Gujarat offers a traveler is paradise. It offers a wide spectrum of tourism sectors which sing in the glory of Gujarat is rich culture and heritage.

Spiritual Tourism

There were many reli-gion spots in Gujarat. Hindus are visit this places in their life time. NRI and Foreign tourist also visit these places for unique religious beliefs.

Jyotirlingas at somnath temple and dwarkadhish temple somnath is present temple in Junagadh district began in 1950. It is the seventh temple built to commemorate the glory of Lord somnath who was known as Bhairaveshwar in yajur Lug, Shravanikeshwar in treta yug and Shrigaleshwar in dwaparyug.

Pavagadh is also another historical and religious destination at Champaner. Pavagadh along with Champaner and Marchi is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Mount Girnar is also one of the holiest for Hindu ascetics and Jains in junagardh. There is a famous sadhus akhada. Many sadhaks and advanced souls have laid their lives to rest on the mountain.

1) Two of 51 shakti peeths at Ambaji and Mahakali at Pawagadh.
2) One of the five holy lakes of India is at Narayan sarovar and one of the seven holiest rivers for Pavagadh.
3) One of the seven holiest rivers for Hindus is the Narmada which flows through Gujarat.
4) Temples situated in Dakor, Virpur, Khodiyar, Sarangpur, Gondal etc. are holy
places with individual faith.
5) Akshardham, Gadhada, Bachosan, Gondal, Sarangpur, etc are some of the famous Swaminarayan temple.Swaminarayans form a wealthy sect.
6) Two of the five important Jain sites at Palitana and Girnar. There is a regular flow of Jain pilgrims to Sankeshwar, Taranga, Kumbhariyaji, Badhreshwar Mandvi, Mahudi etc.
7) The Dargahs of Sarkhej and Unjha are among the much visited Islamic sites of India.
8) The ashrams of Spiritual leaders like Morari bapu, Rameshji oza, etc are on the spiritual tourism map of India.

Heritage Tourism

1) Gujarat is rich in archeological sites including world heritage site of Champaner, Indus civilization sites like Lothal and Dholavera, Ancient Buddhist sites, etc
2) Ahmadabad is heritage walk is the only daily departure walking tour in India
3) Gujarat is princely heritage has resulted in the state having more than 20 heritage hotels including converted Forts and Palaces.

Cultural Tourism

Gujarat is culture forms an integral part of Indian culture. It is rich culture and heritage and cultural diversity has preserves of ancient art and craft techniques. Gujarat is people exhibit warm and friendly nature, god fearing and possess untouched simplicity with 'simple living, high thinking' attitude. Concerned and affectionate, the communities are varied. The diverse ethnic groups constituting the Gujarati population has resulted in the cultural diversity of Gujarat.

1) The folklore and folk arts of Gujarat form a major part of the Culture of Gujarat. It preserves the rich tradition of song, dance, drama as well.
2) Gujarat is the land of rich handicrafts like Patola weaving, khadi, bandhani, block printing, embroidery, namda, rogan painting, matani pachhedi, woodcrafts, metal crafts, bamboo crafts, pithora, pottery and many more handicrafts.
3) Gujarat celebrates all regional fairs and festivals with great fervor and spirits.

The Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, Mughals and British as well as Parsis fleeing their native country, have left their mark on Gujarat's culture

Nature Tourism

Gujarat is the dream of an explorer who quest for nature and wild life. Gujarat possess varied landforms with the dry deciduous forests, majestic grasslands, marine ecosystems, wetlands and rich moist deciduous forests. These habitat are home to rare wild life inhabitants. The Land of the Legends is symbolically known for its wildlife icon of Lions that are found in the Gir reserve and happen to be a major attraction for tourists in Gujarat.

1) Gujarat has 4 national parks and 21 Sanctuaries.
2) Asiatic Lions in Gir forest, Wild ass in the Rann of kutch and Indian bustards in bird reserves, four horned Antelope and Black Buck are among many animals and birds protected in Gujarat.
3) The whale shark breed on the coasts of Gujarat.
4) Okha is a place where dugong is found.
5) Gulf of Kutch is first Marine National Park in India'

Health Tourism

Yoga, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Naturotherapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, etc are the age old well being health techniques supported in Gujarat.Gujarat is the home for Ayurvedic treatment with the use of natural herbs and natural cures promotes Ayurvedic healing. World class hospitals in Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Karamsad and Vadodara offer unique treatment to patients coming from all over the world. It has the presence of colleges and pharmacies all over the state.

A number of spas located in Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Ahmedabad etc. offer unique treatment, healing and rejuvenating.

Gujarat have world class Yoga centers across the State. This ancient art of Hindu philosophy which prescribe, physical and mental fitness for mind, body and soul as well as spiritual well being, attracts foreign tourists from all over the world who experience the state of the art well being.

Recreational & Eco Tourism

Gujarat is a land with colours of joy. It has the best beaches in India. It has the best Eco tourism opportunities. For recreation tourism to promote Eco and provide nature, Nal Sarovar and Gandhinagar are shaping up with Eco tourism. Nal Sarovar will have a nature park, an Eco resort, an ornamental fish farm and aquarium apart from education, interpretation and research institution. The area will have landscapes and forest area. Eco friendly recreational avenues like boating, camping and picnic spots are favorite recreational outings for local as well as tourists in Gujarat. Gandhinagar Gujarat cities have magnificent gardens which are maintained in natural settings, enhancing their exquisite beauty with fountains and fountain shows.

The Sarita Udyan, Sayaji Garden, Law Garden and Parimal Garden and many more gardens in cities all over Gujarat, allure tourist attraction. The Kankaria Lake which is recently taken a new look, attracts tourist from all over the world with its unique serenity and beauty. Surrounded the lake, tourists have endless recreation to the Zoo, Garden Park, Fish Aquarium, Balvatika , a mini train tour round the lake, boating and other facilities.

Dunny Point, first Eco-tourism site, promises to be one more feather in Gujarat's cap at Dwarka, land of Somnath. Active nature conservation is a vital aspect of government policy.The declaration of new nature reserves enables species to thrive in protected environment. Also allows visitors to sample nature without despoiling the ecosystem

Urban and Rural Tourism

Gujarat is the pioneer to set the global warming department, the first in Asia focusing on greening tourism in cities in Gujarat. It focus on challenges with collective responses to make urban spaces more lively while protecting biodiversity. Urban tourism is getting more ecological as Gujarat finds alternatives to urban sprawl with an eye from gateways to parks, protected areas and rural communities.

Enhanced development in Urban areas, Rural tourism in Gujarat allows travelers to visit areas outside of urban areas. Options include hiking and biking, visiting community museums and buying locally produced Crafts and handicrafts. The fairs and festivals in Gujarat exhibit the skills of artisans and scale Gujarat on a higher map with its tradition and culture. As tourists sort for Urban and rural pursuits, Gujarat has developed potential for tourists seeking these sectors and are potential areas for economic growth too. Gujarat traditional Arts and Crafts are world popular and has found place in the hearts of people all over the world. Rural tourism offers opportunities for tourists to experience people, events, culture, cuisine and crafts that are not available in cities and larger towns.


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