Best 5 Restaurants in Aluva

Are you searching for the best restaurants in Aluva, Kochi? Read this article to know about the leading 5 restaurants in Aluva, which you should try.

Situated along the coasts of the famous river Periyar, Aluva is one of the most well-known places in Kerala. This town is rich in cultural heritage and is known for traditions, scenic beauty and most importantly, food. Hence it is no wonder that Aluva has the best restaurants serving delicious foods from various cuisines around the world decorated in enchanting themes. We cannot ignore the fact that great restaurants can serve better memories and experiences than just food. If you are a traveler, passing through Aluva, you might be wondering where to have food from. Do not worry. It is totally normal to have such a confusion as there are several places in Aluva serving delicious food. Here is the list of the best 5 restaurants in Aluva waiting to amaze you with their culinary skills and service mastery.

  1. Salkaram

  2. The name itself means that you will be served with the best food in Aluva which will share the tales of great recipes. This place is famous for the wide range of varieties they offer in the form of food. They definitely serve the world-class cuisines on their taste platter with amazing preparations much makes it the best restaurants in Aluva. They have Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, Continental, South Indian and Tandoor items on their menu. The food is really tasty and it is offered in sufficient quantities at affordable rates without having to compromise on the wow- taste factor. Also, the ambiance of the place will enchant you. The place is kept well as they are proudly keen in maintaining higher cleanliness standards. When it comes to customer service, it is assured that you will have a great time as the staff shows no mercy in offering you services which are frequent and irreplaceable. Besides, they also provide food for outdoor parties and festive occasions. You can also choose to take away or home delivery if you prefer to have the comfort at home while having your favorite food. Fish Pollichath, American Chopsuey, and prawns coconut fry from Salakaram are the treats you should never miss in a lifetime.

  3. De Cafe Canopy

  4. Located at Pulinchod Junction in Aluva, this restaurant is famous for their Alfaham which is an Arabian style smoked/grilled meat. This place has very good ambiance and friendly staff. De Cafe Canopy is the place for you if your priority is a flavorful treat of smooth meat delicacy with rice or Arabian bread.

  5. Iftar

  6. If you are a traveler and has gone through different parts of Kerala, you will always come across this chain of restaurants called Iftar. Even though they are in your sight very often and you might feel like you already know what they have to offer, Iftar will never stop to amaze you. They are unique in that way and provide really tasty culinary mastercrafts. Iftar specializes in traditional savory Malabar food which is indeed a specialty in Kerala. Malabar is the culinary capital of Kerala where flavor and aroma are as alluring as it can be.

  7. Adaminte Chayakkada

  8. This is a theme restaurant and they have an interesting story. Adam is a traveler in search for good flavors, ingredients, and aroma in food from different destinations. Finally, he embraced the tastes, culinary methods and preparation styles of all the lands he visited and created a fusion menu with Malabar touch by incorporating all of those. But what makes them strangely fancy is their menu and the names of their culinary treats. You will come across terms like Bejaraya Brain Fry ( Chaotic Brain) and Chicken Pottitherichathu ( Chicken bombardment) etc in the menu which will challenge your comprehension skills in a funny way. However, when it comes to the taste of the food they offer, without a doubt it is really yummy. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner are named distinctly as Kinaavile Naastha, Chottum Pathram, and Paathiravibhavangal respectively to match the Malabar slang of Malayalam which is the language spoken exclusively in the northern regions of Kerala.

  9. Kerala Kitchen

  10. If you are looking for a regular and casual dining experience in Aluva at normal prices, this restaurant will serve you right. This place will offer you typical Kerala food items at affordable rates.

If you have been looking for the best restaurants near aluva, I'm sure that by now you have read about the best ones. Do not wait until the hunger strikes anymore. Just grab a bit.

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