Food items which you should not eat after doing your daily exercise

In this article, I will explain about few food items which should not be eaten after doing exercise as they can be harmful to your health and fitness. This article also contains few eating tips which should be followed wisely after doing your daily exercise.


In this hectic and busy world physical fitness has become really necessary and everybody likes to do exercise and work out on daily basis, this decreases extra fat and calorie from our body. You may get good tips on how to do exercise in your daily life for maintaining fitness but after doing that exercise if you are eating few things which you should not eat then it can your body a lot. A perfect nutritious diet plan is really necessary with good forms of exercises for balancing your body in a proper shape and size. Below I am giving you few tips and highlighting about few eatable things which you are not supposed to eat after doing your daily exercise as they can harm your physical fitness rather making it.


High fibrous and calorie rich food like cheese should not be eaten especially while doing running exercises like daily walk or jogging in the park, because cheese contains saturated fat in a huge amount with salt and it is harmful to eat while doing exercise. You can prefer eating cheese flavored Soya chips while running or jogging or after exercise.


If you are eating sandwich after doing aerobics or gymnastics then it can be good for maintaining energy level but do care that it should not contain high calories and saturated fat items and salt as it can slow down your digestive system. Your sandwich should be light and healthy to eat so taste and toppings must be preferred last when you are eating for maintaining a good health.


Bread is one of the most common food items which can be seen in anyone's home in a refrigerator, it contains huge amount of starch which gets convert into sugar instantly. So, you will not get that amount of nutrition which you require after your daily exercise hence you should avoid eating bread made from maida flour instead you should try to eat brown bread made up of wheat flour in your daily breakfast diet.

Fruit drinks

You should not eat any ordinary fruit energy drink which contains huge amount of sugar and fat; this can increase the sugar level in your body and further can invite many serious diseases, instead of drinking fruit drinks after doing your exercise you should prefer to drink energy drinks prescribed by your fitness trainer and dietician. You can prefer to drink ordinary water or herbal tea they will give you more benefits then fruit energy drinks.

Milk shakes

Instead of drinking milk shakes you should prefer to drink smoothie as milk shakes are mostly made up of fruits and it will contain high amount of sugar which is harmful to your body after doing exercise. You can drink milk with almonds or green tea which will be good for your health.

Raw Vegetables

Raw and green vegetables is really good for our health as it supplies good amount of protein and calorie but lastly it will not give us required amount of energy after doing exercise, hence we should avoid eating such food articles which will recover our muscles just after exercise instead you can eat curd which is high protein diet for your health.

Fried eggs

You should not eat fried eggs just after your exercises; eggs may be good for your health as they are very rich in protein but if you are eating it just after exercise then it can create problems for your health, hence you should wait like a hour before eating it. You should not eat fried eggs as it contains huge amount of fat which is bad for your heart, so you should prefer boiled eggs which will be very advantageous and nutritious in a longer run.

Disclaimer: Before following these health tips I will suggest you to consult your dietician for proper guidance and health care

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