Hair Transplant and its cost in India

This is the information about hair transplant and its cost in India. In the present situation most of the people are bald. The number is more in male than female. There are many dermatological methods to grow hair in bald head. Hair transplant is the final method people choose after getting all hair growth treatment. This is a permanent solution for baldness problem.

What is hair transplant?

Hair fall or baldness is a common and rapidly growing problem now. This is because of heredity, pollution, stress and tension. Earlier people adopt techniques of using different types of gels and oils for hair growth. Many medicines came into market to get rid of baldness but nothing worked perfectly. But hair transplant is a permanent and guaranteed method for this problem to grow new hair on bald scalp and give you a new look. Basically hair transplant is a minor surgery which is performed after thoroughly studying the case of the patient.

Hair transplant method and procedure

In this surgical technique the hair follicles from a part of the body are moved to the bald area of head. The part from which the hairs are moved is called 'donor site' and the area where these hair are implanted is called 'recipient site'. Generally this treatment is given to treat the baldness in male. This technique is even used in re-establishing eyelashes or eyebrows, chest hair, beard hair and to hide the scars caused by accidents or surgery.

Grafting hair in bald scalp

In this procedure grafts or attachments which contain hair follicles are transplanted to bald scalp. Normally many small grafts are relocated rather than a single big band of skin. Depending upon the area or coverage of the procedure, approximately 4 to 8 hours are required to complete the transplantation. In rare cases many sessions are required to complete the process if the hair loss is continued after the treatment also. If the patient demands for thicker hair then also the transplantation process is prolonged.

Types of hair transplantation

Generally there are two methods of hair transplantation that is FUE and FUT method. FUT method is strip method and the FUE is stitch less method of transplantation. Actually the scars in FUE are very tiny and very easy to hide.

After the surgery the scalp may get tenderness and so surgical dressing or bandage is applied on scalp for nearly 2 days. The donor area is covered with absorbable stitches. The tiresome physical activities like swimming, sports, gym exercises are restricted for 15 days.

Hair growth - how long does it take to grow?

Generally the hairs which are transplanted shed within 1 or 1 ½ months and the roots which are transplanted start growing new hair between 3 to 7 months. If you want to see a complete improvement after the treatment then you can see it nearly after the transplanting process. The hair transplant surgery is very less painful as the local anesthesia is provided. The patient gets discharge from the hospital on the same day. Some pain killers are suggested to reduce the pain of the stitches. But now with improved technology the stitch less transplantation is also available.

Cost of hair transplant in India

The cost of the hair transplant depends upon the implant required, the type of transplant selected by the patient, the other facilities offered and the staff involved in the surgery. This cost differs from patient to patients. The cost also varies from clinic to clinic and the service provided.

Normally in India minimum or Rs. 35 to Rs. 40 are charged per follicle. Some institutes also charge more than that.

Hair transplant cost in Kolkata is nearly rupees forty thousand. In many places hair transplantation is offered at cheaper rate. In Kolkata, per session the cost goes up to Rs. 40,000 to 1,50,000. The PLSCS clinic in Kolkota offers Rs. 60,000/- package for complete transplantation treatment.

Hair transplant cost in Chennai is nearly Rs. 25,000 and above. The FUE procedure requires more time than Strip Procedure. The most of the task is done by the doctor himself and therefore the cost charged for FUE is much higher than the Strip Process.

In cities like Bangalore it depends on cost per sq. mm. Hair transplant cost in Bangalore is calculated as Rs. 900 to Rs. 1200 per sq. mm. The total cost comes around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The cost varies from place to place and on the quality of transplant.


Guest Author: Dhananjay Sadashiv J07 Aug 2015

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Guest Author: cesar sparks26 Sep 2015

Yes obviously I had a personal experience at the clinic, but after few days when I shifted in Dubai UAE, then there Dr Sanjay was offering to do the remaining treatments in his Dubai clinic. The name as Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation Dubai.

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