Best foods to eat while being pregnant

This is the information on importance and need of a healthy nutrition during pregnancy. I have listed some best pregnancy diet foods, which helps in growth and metabolic process of your baby. Pregnant ladies can include whole grain, eggs, salmon, yogurt, fruits and vegetables in their daily diet to improve the health status mother and fetus.

Balanced diet is the food with all necessary nutrients, which helps in proper functioning of human body. A healthy women need 1900 to 2100 calories per day to perform various activities. At the time of pregnancy, women need special diet with more calories. Pregnant women need 300 to 500 extra calories for normal fetus growth. The extra calories needed should be gained only by eating nutritious balanced diet at frequent intervals to attain a healthy weight gain.

Importance of nutrition during pregnancy

It is necessary that you should eat healthy and nutritious food always. And you should be extra aware about the diet if you are pregnant. Whatever you eat during pregnancy can directly affect the body metabolism and development of the child in your womb. For the strength of baby's bones and tissues, it is needful to eat proteins and calcium contained food. Food rich in iron can be useful to provide oxygen to baby through red blood cells. Food which is a source of folic acid can prevent many types of birth defects. It is not essential to fix any special diet but it is very imperative that there should be a variety of food in your regular diet.

What food to take for good growth of baby?

The healthy diet can provide you and your baby proper nutrients. While fixing the diet you should focus upon the food which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is common to feel hungrier during pregnancy but always try to avoid snacks. Snacks provide fat and sugar which is not good during pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet frequently as per your doctor's advice. It is best to have more fresh fruits and vegetables, it is important to consume the starchy food or carbohydrates regularly as it supplies vitamins and fibre and do not contain more calories.

Take whole grains during pregnancy

Whole grain bread and cereals are rich in folic acid and iron. When compared to white bread and rice, it has more fibre also. It is better to include the whole grains food like oatmeal, brown bread sandwich, brown rice and whole wheat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Germinated whole grains are rich in vitamin E, this should be added with the breakfast.

Eggs for your protein needs

It is proved that the eggs carry resourceful properties. Eggs contain very high amount of protein. It is a very rich source of amino acid essential for the growth of your baby. It also gives strength to a mother equally. Eggs carry a huge amount of vitamins and mineral which are beneficial for body growth and muscles development. The choline present in eggs is useful for the proper brain development of a baby. It is generally advised to eat an egg daily for breakfast but always avoid eating eggs without cooking.

Adding low fat yogurt to get energy

Low fat yogurt or curd contain huge amount of calcium, even more than milk. It can be beneficial for the baby's bone, hair, nails and muscles development. It also carries a very good amount of proteins. Avoid adding sugar in it; instead you can try for fruits or whole grain cereals in it for extra taste and benefits.

Benefits of eating beans

The variety of beans like black beans, pinto beans, white beans, red beans, kidney beans, soy beans, black eyed peas, garbanzo etc are very useful during pregnancy stage. Beans are good source or iron, calcium and zinc. The dishes made with beans like soups, salads, pasta can be added to your regular food intake. Beans also provide a good quantity of proteins and fibre necessary for both mother and child.

Addition of Salmon fish in diet

Salmon fish is always advised to be eaten during the pregnancy. This fish is a very good source of Omega 3 fatty acid which is considered as best for baby's eyes and brain development. Salmon also holds proteins and vitamin B. Other fish contain mercury, but the level of mercury is very low in Salmon comparatively. Instead of frying it is better to grill them before eating. You can use salmon in your salads also.


Guest Author: Arushi Bansal08 Mar 2015

Pregnancy is the great gift for women and that gives the final recognition for their motherly look. During pregnancy , the women wants to eat some good food of her liking and remember what even she eats, will also be shared by the baby in her womb. That is why it is always good to nurture a pregnant women with care and see that all the liking for food is met with due importance. Some may like tamrind added flavor, some may like fruits, and many likes eating raw mango. But what ever it is even over eating will also tell upon the health and that should be taken care off.

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