Home treatments for Eye related diseases

This article will provide readers with ready information about all Home made treatments which one can easily use to heal Eye related diseases. Since these treatments are natural, they are completely safe and effective and easy to prepare as well and most importantly they have no side effects.

Home made Remedies

Be it cold or cough, or be it fever or be it pain in any part of our body. For any diseases we always look for quick and easy fix and simply run to doctor who would give you long list of prescription which in the long run makes your body vulnerable and massively impacts your body immune.
For almost every small or big disease there is a effective, home made treatment available which is 100 percent safe and effective and which has absolutely no side effects. Lets look at some of the most common eye related problems some of us face in day to day life as well as their remedy.

Pain in Eyes

There could be multiple reasons for pain in our eyes, it could be on account of over stress on the eyes while seating in front of computer, television or it could be on account of some infection or it could be on account of some swelling. Since eyes are one of the most important body part, we need to ensure we don't delay the treatment towards the problem.


Below in the article, I am mentioning multiple remedies, which you may choose from depending upon easy availability of resources, preference and what suits or not suits you:

  • In the month of April, consume fresh flowers of sesame seeds(Til). This mere exercise would ensure that your eyes don't pain throughout the year.

  • Keep harad(Inknut) soaked in the water for entire night. Next morning wash your eyes with the same water. This gives cooling effect to your eyes and ensure that your eyes don't pain.

  • The day your eyes start paining, from that day you may boil leaves of Datura/Dhatura plant. The residual luke warm water from these leaves should be put into the ears. Point to note is, if your left eye is paining, you need to put drops on Right ear and vice versa.

  • Crush pomegranate leaves or kikar tree leaves in water and prepare a paste, apply this paste on a cloth and tie on your eyes at night. This is very effective treatment for burning and swollen eyes.

  • Swelling in Eyes

    Lot of people suffer from problem of swelling in eyes. There are some effective remedies for this problem as well:


  • Slowly rub pan supari in water and apply the paste prepared out of it on the swollen eyes. This needs to be applied on the upper eye lid and not inside the eye.

  • Fresh flowers of adusa(Malabar Nut tree) could be boiled in water first. They can be then wrapped in cloth once they are luke warm and be tied on the eyes for few hours along with the cloth. This is also very effective remedy for swollen eyes.

  • Hope this information is helpful and that is the sole purpose of the Article. All the above treatments are natural, home made and absolutely safe as there are no side effects. And as mentioned earlier, please use if and only if you feel safe and as per your convenience and suitability.

    I will share series of Home made treatments for various body diseases. So keep reading and stay healthy.

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