Double standard of our system is an open violation of natural law

Adopting double-dealings with general and high and mighty individuals violates the principle of law of nature. Several serious questions have cropped up after Asharam Bapu, for several weeks round, has been hogging the headlines. Question is not whether Bapu is an accused or innocent. The question goes far beyond this. That is, the implementation of the carrying of our justice system equally applicable to all. Something must be done in this direction before people loose their patience with administration.

The hideous story of well renowned philosophical guru Asharam Bapu is hogging the headlines that have raised many questions begging for answer. What lies beneath the story is of no consequence whether Bapu has committed the wrongs or is being wronged. The worrying factor is the implementation of our justice system in a fair manner, effectiveness of the rape- laws framed, sentiments of the constitution and the execution of its provisions. The concern are also involved with the attachment of our political leaders with the sorrows and happiness of the general masses and lastly, with the uneasiness of our social system and the socio-psychological aptitude towards women.

Almost two weeks had elapsed by since the accusation of rape of a minor girl was hurled on Bapu and the FIR lodged, but he had been dodging his arrest ever since. He had been hiding in Indore and Bhopal to evade arrest. It is of little significance that ultimately, he has now been arrested belatedly from Jodhpur under one day of remand. Law is above all. Nobody is above it- neither any saint nor any leader.Is Asharam was innocent, he should have presented himself before police instead of police chasing him for his remand.

If a case is registered in a serious offense, it is the duty of police under the IPC section 156(1) to thoroughly investigate the case to bring the truth to light. Police has the full power to arrest under the section 157(1) in order to bring to fore the realty beneath a crime committed so that the accused cannot obliterate the proofs of his crime, influence the witnesses, threaten the victim and raise obstructions in the judicial process. In the present case, the father of the victim minor girl has said to have been threatened with dire consequences. The interference with the witnesses could also not be ruled out.

Lax approach of police in this VIP case

Comical is the fact that instead of arresting in this case, the police had sent a notice to Asharam to present himself under section 160 of the IPC act which is the step taken by the police to the witnesses for recording their statements. They must have acted at the behest of the powerful and mighty in Asharam's case which ich highly deplorable. They can hardly blamed as India is a victim of directionless leadership. For even this also, the police gave several days of time to Asharam, which is enough to destroy evidences and influence the eyewitnesses. Under how deep pressures the police and administrative officers work these days though is not hidden from anybody. These poor fellows hailing from police and magistracy get the reward of transfer and suspensions in lieu of carrying out their duty honestly. Thank God that the Power transference in India has begun as now the regulators are to be the new rulers, otherwise the poor man's plight would have remained as abominable as it is today.

Violation of the spirits of constitution

From such approach of police, the dignity of constitution is put in danger. Clear mention is indicated for dispensing justice to all in the introductory note of constitution. Again, in section 14 of the constitution, conservation of equality has been said to be maintained before law for all and sundries. Supreme Court has also given provisions in its different judgments that everybody is equal before the law of land. Distinction or favoritism on the parts of police and administration will be in violation of section 14 of the constitution. Could our government establishment system beating the drum of 'law will take its own course' explain, is not doing anything against Asharam for almost two weeks not the violation of the section 14 of constitution?

Paying no attention to matters of public importance by politicians

This also is one chief issue that continues to eat at the vitals of the nation and that is indifferent attitude of our leadership towards the interest and welfare matters of masses. The secret of leaders proclaiming women's empowerment at the top of their voice is not hidden to the public. In the present episode, the behavior of the leaders of BJP has been very disgusting. In overt and covert forms, giving quick clean chits to Asharam Bapu by the top leaders of BJP and hurling accusations against the girl thus violated, branding it as a political stunt etc is the mockery of the justice system and playing cruel jokes also at the cost of the victim minor girl. In the situations thus obtaining, the activities of the Rajasthan government and the silence of the Congress party is highly disturbing. This shows the two biggest two political parties do not know how to behave with the people of the country. Particularly, the middle class and women are pained the most from this type of incidents. The greed of these parties for the votes of the supporters and followers of Bapu puts them under the impression that their vote bank would deplete is totally unfounded. Entire nation is watching the unfolding saga of events of Asharam Bapu through newspapers and TV. Anger against the politicians is mounting from the attitude of the political leaders in the present case. Political parties should understand the simple thing that by appearing to be justifiable could only enhance their image in the eyes of people and women, and the middle class.

Dominance of male chauvinism- most prominent

The last but not the least important question is that of our social system is the psyche-socio intents. The very often instances of rape against innocent minor girls and women is an indication enough of our perverse mentality and male domineering nature where females are treated as fast moving consumer item. Injustices on several counts are meted out to the women. Their reducing number, lower rate of literacy compared to males, domestic violence, wretched socio-economic condition, and their participation in public life employ-ability prove that we treat women as sub standard human. Our half populace is demanding justice from the male dominated system.


Here, it is necessary to make it clear that nobody is accusing Asharam Bapu as this is for the court to decide whether he is guilty of crime or not. But showing his thumbs to the process of law, he was himself inviting suspicion of nation. If he is pure and innocent, he shall emerge up from this jam he has fallen much stronger and wiser after the test.


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