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Indian democracy is a puppet in the hands of a few

Democracy must not be taken as mere voting or purchasing of votes. Unfortunately, this trend has caught up fast. The manner the economists cannot measure the standard of life based on consumption, in similar pattern, political leaders should not also be in the false impression that the poor people of India can be lured simply on promises alone.

Changes to be made in the appointment process of judges are cause to worry

This discussion expresses doubts on government attempts in effecting changes in the process of appointment of judges. The Congress is unfit for any initiative to be taken by it in the direction because of its old conduct. This can turn up as a clever attempt to impose the superiority of the political leaders over the judges. It would be better to wait for a while. Congress party has always felt uneasy with strong constitutional bodies. Let us analyze what prompts this change.

Economics of Fish Farming

This article is about Economics of Fish Farming,annual fish production potential of India, employment and career options in Fish Farming, Fish export and earning foreign exchange etc.

Top nuclear missiles of the world

This article provides information of nuclear missiles which are superior. This is a comparison write-up between other missiles and Agni-5 of India. The top submarine launched nuclear missiles are discussed along with the most ranged missiles of top countries in the nuclear missile elite club. This resource will also help in knowing the reason of backwardness of India in missile technology when compared with other countries.

Sacrificing the national interest to teach the army general a lesson or two

The government is busy in other game. It has to teach V K Singh a lesson so that no any other general has the temerity to set an example by showing such honesty and forthrightness like general Singh. To gain political mileage, the government tends to be sacrificing the national interest, which must be put above politics.

Why people play into the hands of their fanatic leaders

Religious zealotry spreading fast is a dangerous portend for the social structure. The nation needs to peep inside within why people fall for those offensive leaders and why a secular administrative system has not been put in place. This policy to divide is challenging the secular identity of India. Even after 66 years of independence, people of both the communities are shedding blood on the instigation of these pseudo secularist leaders knowingly.

Significance of Agni-5 in the Indian Defense

This article gives an account of Agni-5 launch details and its specifications. This write up discusses reasons behind India's missile technology development. This resource provides the information regarding technologies used in the missile and discusses its importance in defense of India. This helps you know the criticism India facing and answer to criticism is also provided.

Pension Fund Regulatory and Authority Bill in 2013

This article gives an account of Pension Fund Regulatory and Authority Bill 2011. In 2013, it has journeyed its way towards from bill to an act. The journey is given in detail. The recommendations of standing committee are also given in this write-up. The criticism pointed out is also projected in this review.

The challenge Modi faces after becoming the PM nominee of BJP

This article is underlining the challenges of Modi now that he has been declared the prime ministerial candidate of BJP. Now the eyes are fixated on how Modi will manage the recalcitrant group of leaders within his own party. This very factor will decide the result of the next general election. This article is an analysis of the future fate of Modi.

The relationship of riots with politics

We and not the government will have to be active to avert a second a calamity like Muzaffernagar in future, concurs this dissertation. The mistake that we are committing is that we are not looking within our hearts. During the delicate times of violence, we have been adding fuel to the fire. If we could met out hard punishment to the administration at fault, perhaps no second Muzaffernagar will happen in future. The article suggests some remedial cure to this vexatious problem also.

High time now for fixing accountability on people's representatives

It is almost certain for obstructions in parliament to gather momentum by the time the general election nears. Under the situation, expecting for parliamentary reforms seems meaningless. This article bats for the inevitability for fixing up the real answerability for the lawmakers. This seems to be impossible though but this is the demand of the time.

Roads ahead for Modi after becoming BJP's prime ministerial nominee

May be, some top leaders of BJP do not see eye to eye with the working style of Narendra Modi. However, this also is true that his admirers are not in less number. This article is throwing a glance over the paths of Modi in form of the claimant for the post of prime minister. There are no two opinions about Modi's popularity increasing by the day as people have started seeing in him a future savior.

Elections are not won on government schemes alone

No any political party in power could be defeated had it been possible to win elections with the help of government plans and projects. This article stresses elections are not fought by governments but by parties. The article further adds that the time of elections are like a double edged sword for the parties in power. Manmohan Singh, instead of bailing out his party has further sunk it deep down the ocean.

Double standard of our system is an open violation of natural law

Adopting double-dealings with general and high and mighty individuals violates the principle of law of nature. Several serious questions have cropped up after Asharam Bapu, for several weeks round, has been hogging the headlines. Question is not whether Bapu is an accused or innocent. The question goes far beyond this. That is, the implementation of the carrying of our justice system equally applicable to all. Something must be done in this direction before people loose their patience with administration.

A serious question mark on the justice system

This article underlines the essence of changes to be made in crimes connected with minors. In turning children to crimes, no less responsible are the institutions like parents and schools. In addition, the political and parliamentary institutions are also equally to blame. Alongside finding out the correct reasons of heinous crimes committed by the minors, laws also should be amended according to times and circumstances.

Process of Socialization and its types

Right from infancy, no individual is transformed to a well mannered, cultured adult without the proper dosage of socialization. Well socialization, is a well known concept in sociology and psychology, wherein a person learns to conform to the norms of the group through learning and individualization. The languages and social interaction are the main agencies of socialization. This may seem to be a normal process, but an accurate transformation of a child to a well cultured man takes place through this proce

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal will break the waist of Indian Mujahidin

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal is a big success in the war against terrorism. However, this study says, instead of celebrating this achievement, we should find out what the plans of Pakistan are vis-a-vis India and the kind of strategy to be adopted by it in future. Nevertheless, to sum, arrest of Bhatkal could be said a enormous deed in a small picture.

Greater coordination needed in policies of different govt departments

This is quite surprising that instead of synchronization, different ministries are working at loggerheads, looking at one another not as compatriots but as competitors. They are always on the look out for usurping power, resources and influence. This article feels the greater thrusts on coordinated efforts are the need of the hour in the areas of food, energy, water and environment.

India needs Narsimha Rao type of political leadership for economic reforms

During the course of this economic crisis, the article is feeling the necessity of the type of political direction of the type of Narsimha Rao for economic reforms in the present scenario. Rao had made the economic reform process possible in political form during such a turbulent time when his own party was heaping hurdles on his way in this big task.

The Modi factor and the election plans of Bhartiya Janata Party

All the political parties are nervous from the widespread popularity of Narendra Modi in Uttar Pradesh but at the same time, are assured also due to unstable condition prevailing in the BJP. This commentary advises BJP to let Narendra Modi contest election from Lucknow if it has to test the fruit of success in from four states including UP-Bihar.

Country is wrestling with all round anarchy

This article sees a direct connection between the falling standard in moral values and increasing criminalization of politics. The society and government have abysmally failed in providing women such environ where they could feel themselves fully safe and secured. This is an indicator of the structure of internal security of the country and a reason to worry also.

What ails India foreign policy?

India's foreign policy does not have the elements of professionalism. This question is vexing India whether the next government will also continue with the loose foreign policies of Bajpayee and Manmohan governments. This critique is of the view that the foundation of a compromising nature of element was laid down during the tenure of Bajpayee (1999-2004). Manmohan Singh simply treaded on this line. The legacy of weakness of our foreign policy forms the subject of this discussion.

Nations pays the price for giving Manmohan Singh a second term

This article sees to bear the punishment of not having effected the leadership change of Congress at the right juncture. The writing on the wall is clear and loud. The general mass is not that liberal to hand over the reigns of nation into the hands of a party who has thrown the nation down the gutter. Only the coming election would rid off the nation free from the burden of the burden of the present government.

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