Elections are not won on government schemes alone

No any political party in power could be defeated had it been possible to win elections with the help of government plans and projects. This article stresses elections are not fought by governments but by parties. The article further adds that the time of elections are like a double edged sword for the parties in power. Manmohan Singh, instead of bailing out his party has further sunk it deep down the ocean.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is prepared to work under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. In addition to this, he has expressed one more thing and i.e. Rahul Gandhi is completely fit for becoming prime minister. However, this could not be ascertained from his statements whether what Manmohan Singh said was under the scheme of things of courtesy or he really wants to do so. This type of language, when you are in a mood to listen is considered as loyalty to the Gandhi family and when there is no mood to listen, is set aside as sycophancy. The late Congress leader Arjun Singh had an ample experience of this. One thing is quite clear though that Manmohan Singh has no any intention of retiring. The nation was very eager to know the retirement dates of two people so far- Sachin Tendulkar and Lal Krishna Advani. In this queue stands now Man Mohan Singh as well. 'After all how long' is the single question begging for answer from each of them?"

Nation is trying to solve the enigma that Rahul Gandhi is

Rahul Gandhi is a riddle that everybody including the nation is striving hard to solve. Has Manmohan Singh solved this puzzle, because three days have elapsed by since such statements given by him and no any reaction has come from Congress? Far from welcoming his statements in this regard by any Congress spokesperson, the necessity of giving any reaction by them was not even felt. Should this be taken as granted that Rahul Gandhi has agreed to become prime minister? This is such a question that nobody accept Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can give. Nevertheless, the chorus of making Rahul Gandhi the prime minister is reaching to crescendo. On lat Tuesday, the CM of Delhi Sheila Dixit declared Rahul Gandhi as the future prime minister of India in his presence. Hence, this could be safely assumed that, Rahul Gandhi shall be the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress party in 2014 elections.

The repositioning of Manmohan Singh

In fact, Manmohan Singh has relocated his place in Congress party. He has change his position in the on the lines of Sushama Swaraj and Lal Krishna Advani. If BJP bags 200 Loksabha seats then Narendra Modi, and if Congress wins 200 seats, then Rahul Gandhi shall be in the reckoning to become the prime minister. If anything less than this happens, doors for others would open up. As the prime minister, declaring to be working under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi or under him, Manmohan singh has put himself ahead in the race than all other competitors. Otherwise, what could possibly a man of the type his stature must have seen in Rahul Gandhi that made him work under the leadership of Yuvraj? Whatafter all, has Rahul Gandhi accomplished in the parliament or outside it that compels Manmohan Singh to toe the line of sycophancy? Loyalty to the Gandhi family is rewarded the most in the Congress party. In addition to this, there is one more condition and that is; ambitions must never manifest from your talks, behavior and actions, otherwise you are doomed. Who else can understand this better than Manmohan Singh can? Remember, he only was chosen for the PM position solely on the expectations of absolute loyalty to the Gandhi family among all the serious contenders? Hence, we should consider Manmohan Singh to be prepared for a third term.

Next election to be between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi

This is going to be Modi versus Rahul in the next general election. This fact has been fully absorbed by the leaders of both the parties with ambitions of becoming the prime minister of the country. They are now compelled to accept this fact. It is true; there is no presidential system in India like America. The electoral colleges vote for the president there and the people through the Electoral colleges indirectly elect the president. Despite this, the electorates want to evaluate the character and face of the possible head of the government (to be) before elections during the two decades past. The electorates are no more prepared to believe on the promises of the political parties. They want to know as to who is going to fulfill all those promises that the parties make at election times? India, as for that matter is a country of citizens that votes under the influence of individuals because, to people, party looks nothing while an individual appears to be something substantive. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee were fate creators for their parties. Entire nation voted for the candidates in elections not on the virtues of who the candidates were but whose candidates were they. Any tom, dick or harry won elections in the names of them leaders.

Rahul cannot shirk the responsibility now

This truth is coming to be well realized now to the Congress strategists that it is not parties but the leaders that cast the magical spells during election times that converts into votes. Therefore, this election does not turn up as a bout between Modi versus Rahul was their greatest concerns. This attempt of Congress has though failed miserably. The clouds hanging over the candidature of Rahul have somewhat cleared off from the statement issued by Manmohan Singh though. Rahul Gandhi cannot hide himself until, at least 2014 election now under the given scenarios. He will have to come out of his hearth and face up to Modi. This strategy of their strategists are not going to work to keep him behind the screen out of the fears of defeat and blurting out something or other after long lulls. They will have to account for the corruption charges heaped on the government because, at election times, not only opposition but the general masses also hurl questions. The nation wants answers and not silence. As for that matter also, several self-imposed restrictions break up during election times and this remains a no holds barred situation. Hence, Modi and Rahul both have to be well prepared for the individual attacks.

Narendra Modi's pathways seem to be simpler compared to Rahul

Narendra Modi has with him the experience of 12 years of administration. The development carried out in Gujarat, the anti incumbency stigma attached with Manmohan Singh's government, Rampant corruption touching almost every nook and crannies, Galloping inflation, the falling growth rate of the economy are some effective issues like sharp weapons in hands of opposition. Rahul Gandhi has got only to give replies to them making no dent in people's minds. He will have to explain not inly on behalf of the government alone but also against allegations slapped against one member his own family. In opposition against BJP and Modi, all the Congress has is the same worn out and oft repeated sing-song of Gujarat riots of yore days of 2002 and secularism. In western UP, year old Jat-Muslime equation stands pulverized. They will have to think of the usefulness of Ajit Singh also in the light of election. Several such questions like this will be haunting the Congress and answers to these cannot be simply ignored just like that. Party will like rajiv Gandhi to come forward and offer answers to them.


During the last nine years, Rahul Gandhi has not demonstrated even a single example of possessing any capability worthwhile. Were the elections won by dint of plans and schemes alone, no party in power would have been defeated. Elections are fought not by governments but by the parties. The election times are like a double edged sword for a party in power. The Manmohan Singh government has done all the spadework of sinking the Congress boat deep down the seas than extricating it from the mire..


Guest Author: Kushagra Sharma17 Sep 2013

You have rightly said. The parties in power must understand the fact that merely starting a catchy scheme, they cannot expect showering of votes. Because it is found that in every scheme the reach of beneficiary is very minimal. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi went on the record that out of one rupee spent on any good scheme, the beneficiary is getting only 15 paisa and that too if the procedure is followed in full. Otherwise the middle man are taking the advantage of the government and enjoying the fruit. I think loopholes in schemes must be checked for.

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