Roads ahead for Modi after becoming BJP's prime ministerial nominee

May be, some top leaders of BJP do not see eye to eye with the working style of Narendra Modi. However, this also is true that his admirers are not in less number. This article is throwing a glance over the paths of Modi in form of the claimant for the post of prime minister. There are no two opinions about Modi's popularity increasing by the day as people have started seeing in him a future savior.

The cat is out of bag now and this is final at last that Modi is to be the prime ministerial candidate from BJP. The wind in favor of Modi had begun wafting right after his winning the Gujarat Assembly election for the third round in succession. This must have been the reason that had compelled the party to hand over the command of party's campaign committee in the working committee meet held in Goa. Soon after the handing over the command, demand for declaring him the PM candidate of party started rising stridently from the BJP workers through out the country as also from the part of his followers, admirers and supporters. There are sufficient reasons to presume this that due to the disagreement of some top party brass like Sushama Swaraj, Murali Manohar Joshi and Lal Krishna Advani, the decision to declare Modi as PM candidate was kept at an abeyance. No surprise, owing to this continued postponement of this decision, Modi had to give vent of his ire in a program of schoolchildren that his priority was to serve the people of Gujarat until 2017. He said, "He does not dream of becoming something but to do something. From this statement, in a way, he expressed his resentment towards his party leadership, which was natural too. Because, whereas on the one hand, the party workers through the country over were vying for making him the prime ministerial candidate, on the other hand were his own party leaders pushing him into the margin. This situation was when Modi was doing the work of encouraging his party workers presenting himself as a leader dedicated to governance and development.

Advani failed to smell which direction the wind was blowing

This was almost decided that if the BJP leadership had delayed the decision any further than thus far in giving off its stamp of and approval to Modi's claim, the party would have suffered great loss. The delay caused in declaring the name of Modi is attributed chiefly to Advani's opposition to his candidature. The manner, in which, he opposed him appears to be as if he wanted to be the PM himself. Be that whatever it may, there seems no force in his logic that the party would suffer badly by declaring the name of Prime ministerial candidate before the conclusion of the assembly elections to be held in four Indian states. Perhaps, he did not have the inkling that he has no more influence of himself left either on the party workers or on the general masses. BJP workers know well that he was the candidate for the PM post in the last general election when the party was badly bruised. The time will tell what the result of Modi's claim would bring in, but this much is certain that the wind seems to blowing in BJP favor owing to rampant corruption, inflation and worsening economic scenario. The manner in which Modi won Gujarat Assembly elections thrice on his own and the way he presented a new model of growth and development is a thing that has become the topic of discussions nit merely the confines of the country but abroad also.

Gujarat has been progressing- no doubt about it

There are no opinions about this that Gujarat has grown all rounds despite there being all those controversies and Modi has gained in popularity. Triumph of Shivraj Singh Chauhan in MP looks certain, but the magical spell he wields within his state is nowhere visible outside his state like Modi does have in the entire country. Regardless of this, some leaders of BJP are trying to pop up Shivraj Singh Chauhan against Modi but have failed miserably in the attempt. After their inability-anger, what would be the strategy that Modi will adopt to tackle this issue is to be seen yet. As of present, his stratagem is attack Congress and Gandhi family and to carry forward development in the entire country on Gujarat model. He is doing the talk of a Congress-free nation in addition to putting the government in docks.

Solid work carried out by Modi in Gujarat made him popular

This is explicitly visible that in addition to bringing in order the rusty and creaky government machinery in Gujarat, the correct manner, in which the central schemes have been implemented in Gujarat. Its direct benefits accrued to Modi. This is the irony of our country that the central government starts billions of rupees of schemes and projects, but their benefits do not reach to the masses due to corruption, red tapes and disorder,. Behind the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi is his solid work done for the growth of Gujarat. No other candidate most suited in BJP for the PM post could be spotted other than him as of this moment. It might be some leaders in BJP do not agree with the manner Modi works but this also is true he has no dearth of admirers. Since Advani has fallen wayward all alone, Modi's pathways have become simpler. Although saying this also is difficult, that BJP is going to come on power on the support of mere two parties. If a glance is thrown on the present socio-political scenarios, there is no doubt that the political wind is blowing against the UPA. Even then, it becomes imperative for BJP to refrain from moving ahead with the Hindu image. If it gets success on this basis that will certainly prove to be temporary. This success will be exactly like that of Ayodhya controversy.

The dilemma of Congress party

The condition as of present of Congress is in quandary because, as for that, the corruption and inflation sword were already hanging over its head from before and to add to its woes are the worsening health of economy from a few months past coincided with the dwindling value of falling rupee. It is being held responsible for all these sorry state of affairs. The worse economic crisis shall remain an issue until the general election. This cannot be ignored that the government has taken recourse to populist measures to lure voters. The question is do schemes and projects announced alone win elections? Elections are not won on government schemes alone.


For the desired success in UP in the next general election to regain the lost strength, BJP will need to strive harder. Modi has made his confidante Amit Shah the in charge of UP. Nevertheless, he has not succeeded so far in holding grips in the politics of UP. It seems he will take time to comprehend the ground reality of politics of UP. Increasing the influence of BJP in UP will be a great challenge for Modi. Now, many parts of the country, particularly UP is treading towards social polarization whereas the need of the people of these parts is an all round development. A restless nation waits for a change with doleful eyes.

Modi has outlined his strategy in his nomination acceptance speech Modi to bring to light once again the issues relating to corruption and non-existent governance of the UPA government and broach open the matter of sordid details concerning the defense deals. His economic revival plans will be soon unveiled. He plans for a "minimum government and maximum governance," says one report. He is certainly not going to limit himself hard selling his Gujarat story but would come up with newer ideas that could well be replicated elsewhere in the entire country from the successes gained from his Gujarat experiments. My advice to him would be to simply give much emphasis on services like - transparency and accountability, employment, efficient delivery, empowerment, equity and predictability and justice.


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