The challenge Modi faces after becoming the PM nominee of BJP

This article is underlining the challenges of Modi now that he has been declared the prime ministerial candidate of BJP. Now the eyes are fixated on how Modi will manage the recalcitrant group of leaders within his own party. This very factor will decide the result of the next general election. This article is an analysis of the future fate of Modi.

At the end of it all, BJP has declared Modi to be its prime ministerial nominee kicking aside all the hullaballoo created by Advani. As for that matter also, Modi has so much enlarged his size, popularity and name during the last decade that the leaders saddled in Delhi, despite all their efforts were not capable to stop the Modi juggernaut. This is true, behind Narendra Modi stands the RSS openly. No any BJP leader was able to garner so solid a support of RSS so far. Now all eyes are caste upon the matter how far ahead goes this debate. In addition, how Modi does the balancing act of mollifying the ruffled feathers of his senior leaders in the party is yet to be seen. Upon this fact depends only the result of next general election only as also the results of four assembly elections of the Indian union. This is the reason that Advani has been protesting against the name of Modi. Nevertheless, Roads ahead for Modi after becoming BJP's prime ministerial nominee are not all bed of roses.

The futile tantrums thrown by Advani

With the announcement of Modi being made the chief of BJP campaign committee in Goa, Advani had tendered his resignation from all party posts outing everybody in a fix. Under the situation, just before announcing the name of Modi as the party's PM nominee, if Advani's resentment has embroiled some things, some facts should be clearly straightened up. This will have to be made clear as to how longer and how much, the protests against Modi shall be tolerated in the party forum as well as in public? The persons crossing this limit will have to be dealt with iron gloves.

What people think about Modi

Some people say controversy would drag on with Modi. The more the challenges for him would be the more shall he get popular. On the other hand, there are also people who are of the view that all these matters cut the size and prospects of Modi down. Today, the size of Modi is not like what it was after winning the Gujarat election. In the meanwhile, he has enhanced up his acceptability within the party. His party is now no more in a position to declare the name of anybody else as its PM nominee.Truth is this also that BJP could not muster the courage of naming Narendra Modi despite there being the full support of RSS together with other quarters.

The magical baton that of Modi wields

The manner he has deflected all the opposition lobbed at him from the top leaders including Advani's at the time of becoming the head of the campaign committee shows his luck is smiling at him. In the light of Gujarat triumph, the reflection of being capable of taking quick decisions on bigger issues and good governance model of Gujarat shall further strengthen his image. He is expected be capable of attracting additional votes for the party at the national level. That the ground of BJP since last several elections has been shifting down from the fact that BJP could garner only 18 % votes in the last election.

Reasons of Advani's alarms

There are some other reasons of the disquiet of Advani. First is the issue of his ambitions. Another is the question of the relationship of RSS and BJP. RSS was with Advani during the era of Bajpayee-Advani duo, but Advani has bought the ire of RSS by committing the mistake of daring to enmesh into the Jinnah controversy. After this incident, he must also be laboring under grievances against Sangh. This also is true that Sangh also is continually ignoring him. The lat time round, when Advani had relented after getting angry, that it appeared an agreement of sort has been reached in BJP to distance Suresh Soni who was teasing Advani to the limit. Nevertheless, nothing of the kind happened. One other matter is also that no paucity was observed in overlooking Advani. As for that, there was no attempt to demonstrate before Advani residence this time.

Advani's apprehensions against Modi cannot completely be ruled out

This contention of Advani cannot be cancelled outright that the assembly elections to be held by the end of this year in four states can suffer losses due to the Modi factor. It would not be possible to forget that easily the achievements of Shivraj, Raman Singh and Vasundhara Raje Scindia before the encomiums of Modi's achievements. This logic is also not light in weight that polarization of votes shall happen on the arrival of Modi on the national scene, benefiting Congress the most. Whether the leadership of Modi will be effective in the course of the era of coalition also is a big question mark. It is also not that the Advani type of opposition or Banjara size of typhoons perplexes Modi. This claim is such that not everything can ever happen in a peaceful manner. That his own past will keep on haunting him is also well known to him. It is possible Modi is mentally well prepared on the scores of court judgment relating to the Gujarat riots or on fake encounters. But the real confusion has started from his side. Several of his statements exceed the limits of dignity. He wants to take shelter behind same issues from he wants to get rid of. He does not know how much 'Gujarat Gaurav' limits his capability and his image. His Hindutva philosophy is so fragile that he can land in hot soup any time soon after the surfacing up of any tape, Singhal, Banjara or a letter even. Secondly, he does not want to turn his head away from issues like 84 'Parikrama'. He wants to keep playing the Hindutva card with the helps from RSS or Amit Sah. Who knows, he might give a direction to the nation? India is a victim of directionless leadership .


Narendra Modi though, musters the courage to oppose the food security bill, but not a bit appears to be distancing away from corporate development, Gujarati pride and Sangh brand of Hindutva. These issues can cause immense harm to him and his party. In such a scenario, if personalities like Advani would hit him, the injury suffered would be fatal.


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