Why people play into the hands of their fanatic leaders

Religious zealotry spreading fast is a dangerous portend for the social structure. The nation needs to peep inside within why people fall for those offensive leaders and why a secular administrative system has not been put in place. This policy to divide is challenging the secular identity of India. Even after 66 years of independence, people of both the communities are shedding blood on the instigation of these pseudo secularist leaders knowingly.

Narendra Modi, who is now the prime ministerial candidate of BJP had asked 'Jamat Ulema Hind' that represents Muslim community in India to suggest five such issues, which if announced by him could win the hearts of the Indian Muslims. Jamat had given a correct reply to this request that Modi should think this himself how the hearts of Muslims have to be won. Modi could do one thing straightway by begging apology for the Gujarat riots of 2002.

Stories circulating in abundance of government connivance in riots

Haren Pandya, who was the minister in Modi's cabinet had accepted that police was prohibited from acting during the rioting in Gujarat in 2002. Pandya was murdered and punishment to his murder has still not been given. Recently, a top police brass in a letter written to the CBI has accepted that the Gujarat government had used him for fake encounters. In his first speech after becoming the prime ministerial of the BJP, Modi had dwelt at length on issues like relation with the neighboring countries, terrorism and internal security etc but did not utter a word on the communal riots of Muzaffernagar. Located at a distance of two hours journey from Delhi, Muzaffernagar riots took a toll over 50 lives and around 40000 Hindus-Muslims were compelled to abandon their homes and property. This is a divisive politics in uncertain term that is challenging India's secular identity. Media harps on the picture of Modi as the representative of Hindutva. Despite 66 years of independence, both the communities at once become mad shedding the blood of each other. Nation needs to look within heart as to why these people play into the hands of these leaders. Why not a secular administrative system had been made? Modi cares a hoot for the diversity of the nation. He is playing the Hindu card simply because he feels secularism does not match with this nation. It is discernible from nowhere that Modi has learnt any lesson from Gujarat riots. He had compared the Gujarat riots victims some months ago with that of the pup crushed under the wheels of a speeding vehicle.

What feels RSS?

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) feels the next election would be fought on issue of aggressiveness of minorities. This is example of wrong presentation of attempts to give voice to the identity of minority. If at all there is aggressiveness anywhere, it could be restrained, but the aggressiveness of majority could turn into a dictatorship. This was what happened in Germany. Nazi took over the control of power unto their hands and Hitler rose to be a dictator. This is unfortunate that even after knowing this fully well that BJP had to bite dust in 2004 and 2009 elections mainly because of communal agendas, BJP has chosen Modi. Not even the liberal image of Atal Bihari Vajpayee could wash the splotch of narrowness from the face of the party.

Unity in diversity is the hallmark of India

India is a tolerant nation. People do not include politics in religion. BJP has understood neither them nor their wish. The ideology of Indian nation is based on diversity. Whatever has happened in Muzaffernagar is against this thought. Once again, by issuing fake videos, the deed of adding fuel to the fire has been repeated. The refugees and jats descending down from the villages of Muzaffernagar have to say that people from outside had attacked them. Muzaffernagar riots are conscience stirring because the virus of of communalism has spread to villages. The formula of a shared culture to have the taste of harmony lays in unity and social harmony and not in blood bath. The administration fails every time round because politicization of administration has caught up fast and it waits for the orders of party in power. Officials do not act for fear of reappraisal. Police tends to lean towards Hindus. How a nation created by saints has reached to such a sorry pass is quite baffling. As per media, fire of riots in Muzaffernager was stoked. This indicates towards the conspiracy of BJP with no substantive evidence.

Genesis of violence

Due to eve teasing, one Muslim youth was beat to death. Two jat boys were killed in retaliation. Leaders of both Hindu and Muslim gave provocative speeches. The fire was further fanned by showing video clips. The video of violence committed elsewhere was used to show atrocities being committed on a particular community to trigger violence. Mulayam Singh government wanted to reap the benefit of the situation but he did not know what to do. BJP had done the act of making the atmosphere poisonous through the medium of the 'Yatra' that was taken out for building 'Ram Mandir' after the demolition of the 'Babri Masjid'. RSS sees hopes for itself in the next general election. Pracharaks of RSS and bringing autocratic Modi on national scene, both fits well into the agenda of 'Hindu Rashtra'.


I sympathize with Lal Krishna Advani. I have noted him when he was forbidden to break his relations with RSS in 1979; he looked a haggard when ousted from Janata Party. In alternative to this, he established BJP in 1080. Once again Advani is all alone and frustrated and RSS is the reason behind this. RSS has fielded Modi in the fray for the position of PM. Advani did not like the manner in which RSS has imposed Modi on BJP. In reality, RSS thinks if any one comes up to the expectations on the parameters of a 'Hindu state', this is none else but Narendra Bhai Modi and certainly not Advani. Advani has abandoned religios extremism and considers the Quaid-i-Azam of Pakistan, Md Ali Jinah as a secularist.

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