Indian democracy is a puppet in the hands of a few

Democracy must not be taken as mere voting or purchasing of votes. Unfortunately, this trend has caught up fast. The manner the economists cannot measure the standard of life based on consumption, in similar pattern, political leaders should not also be in the false impression that the poor people of India can be lured simply on promises alone.

Just see the travesty of rule and administration. Well before independence, Mahatma Gandhi had already imagined the future condition of India. He had said, "India has got independence, not the Congress party". Several decades ago, this fact said by him regarding Congress applies to all the political class today. The lord of power is state, but the government has usurped it. Power is veering around remaining centered into the hands of political parties and coalitions. The cruel face of communal violence that we witnessed last week in Muzaffernagar is the inevitable result of the increasing distance between state and government as well as the government and administration. State has become the follower of the government of the day while administration is a prisoner of the party in power.

Decay increases in every sphere by the day

Ruination on the fronts of economic, social, political moral has touched the bottom in such a manner that it does not seem possible for the country to recover from the degeneration-not at least for now. The conduct of state continues to be on the lines of colonial state in several ways. The behavior of several ministers, parliamentarians-legislators, bureaucrats, and police officers are on feudal and colonial working patterns. Instead of serving the people as its servants, the government and administration have become 'Mai-Baap' of the general masses. In the preamble of constitution the sentence written as, "We the people…" has evaporated into the thin air.

Political discussions have touched the lowest ebb to the extent that it is confined now between 'my corruption is more justifiable than your corruption'. Ideology has become extinct. Political parties come to power riding on the waves of one ideology but later, running the administration on some other ideology that is suited the best to them. Not a single, but the entire political parties are responsible for the sectionalism of the political system of the country, It is not essential for you to don the garland of bones to prove the point that you are a non-vegetarian, is it? Similarly, this is beyond our comprehension that why the political don caps to prove themselves to be sympathizing with a particular community or any other community?

What Gandhiji had said once

Mahatma Gandhi had once said that had there been not the minority community in our country, even then, we would have selected the pathways of a secularist state. The irony is that 'secularism' has become a controversial perception. Some parties openly poke fun at it while parties sloganeering in favor of secularism exhibit sham sympathy. Democracy is becoming a puppet in the hands of a few. Democracy is being used just for voting and buying the votes. Unfortunately this trend has caught up in a faster of late and Muzaffernager riot is the consequence of this.

What happened in Muzaffernagar

For several days, the criminals and communal elements killed innocent people in Muzaffernagar and nearby areas while police took instructions from political leaders regarding in what manner and when the riots be stopped. Akhilesh government did not extend support to the police officials when they tried to take steps to stop the rioters and criminal forces. Akhilesh government had to bite dust recently owing to the interference of his family members and favorites on various fronts. The only thing the state government did during the initial stage of rioting was to transfer the district superintendent and the district magistrate. The biggest surprise is why the 'Maha Panchayat' was organized in the midst of killings and mayhem. Lessons should have been learnt from the previous riots that had taken place in the state that the fire of excessive communal violence could take an ugly turn spreading everywhere.

Policy of control over police

In any country of world and in the entire history of humanity, police has never got full freedom from political control. Complete detachment between police and politics is not practicable also nor is it desirable. Police has immense power. Having control over it to stop misuse is imperative. Problem is, in our country, control over police has become a source of power unto itself. It is misused shamelessly to serve vested interests. Even in western countries also, illegal political control over police have been faced. They have developed such a mechanism with the help laws so that control over police could be had constitutionally. As for example is Britain, where demarcation has been created between police organization and police activities. This is the responsibility of the government there to arrange to formulate policies for police, standards, vigilance, resources and establishment for police. However, in police operations, the governments there do not have the right to issue guidelines and direction to the police. This right is vested with the police chief. This type of policy could be introduced in our country also. There are altogether three such agencies generally in the entire countries of world that have control over police- government, police and community. If the role of all these three agencies is legally defined, the problem could be partially solved. In the police act of Britain, this has been beautifully done. In the police act of Queensland in Australia also, such mechanism has been provided for. This act defines the communication between the minister and police in a distinct manner.

Wrap up

Politicization of administrative machinery and police has pushed the country deeper down the cesspool of decline. If the rot stinking into the system is not cleaned while there is yet the time, India will not take long to become a banana republic. Reorganization of institutions continuing from the colonial period is imperative. The goal of good governance cannot be achieved with hollow promises and populist sloganeering.

With the passing time, gradual decline in police power is setting in continually. The philosophy of police impartiality is enshrined in the imagination of law of administration. Retardation in this imagination has seeped in from the powerful elites of society or while serving the interests of a particular group of society. Pliable officers are appointed on sensitive positions who are eager to crawl when asked to bend merely.


Guest Author: akash kumar singh25 Sep 2013

I think we cannot brand or blame the democracy for the failures of handful of leaders who are not considering the prestige of the Nation but bent upon politicizing some issue for their vote bank politics which is very bad trend.

Guest Author: akash kumar singh25 Sep 2013

Exactly that is what I have tried to drive in the minds of readers. Why people get excited knowing full well that a handful of leaders are causing riots for their vote bank politics?

Guest Author: Palani kumar samy24 Dec 2014

Indian politics is not bad but I shall blame the voters in this regard. There was a old saying that Yatha Raja, Thatha Praja, that means like King, like people. Now that is happening in elections too. Among the worst lot of candidates standing in elections, the voters have no choice to chose one. But they are also bribed with money and liquor and hence the quality of selecting candidate is not good. So when we elect wrong leaders to the assembly or Parliament, how can we expect good governance. This is what happening since Independence and it is the voter mind should change first.

Author: Venkiteswaran C S24 Feb 2023 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

While I concur that some of the points raised by the author in this article are valid and need pondering by all and some remedy to be implemented as checks and balance to prevent pitfalls, I am not pessimistic as the author.

With all its now expressed and some not expressed deficiencies and misuse, democracy in our country is a real live, functional and vibrant one. India is a real practical functional example and role model for all other countries and people. Our election system is one of the best in the world, and it has been proved that in spite of many handicaps of topography, demography, educational level of voters and weather vagaries our elections are well conducted. Our country has successfully implemented the Electronic Voting system which helped to speed up the procedures, counting and result declaration, when even USA was acing problems in its Presidential election counting and result declaration. That the people are aware and vigilant can be proved from the election results when the ruling side is defeated and other parties are elected. What really has caused some rot is not the system, but the greediness and selfish nature of some individual leaders and political workers.

We have now a government which functions towards remedying most of the ills in politics and governance. It is a real solace that no accusation of malpractice and corruption is alleged about the current Central Government Ministers or other key functionaries. It should be every citizen's endeavour to support all such measures of this government to eradicate black money, corruption, nepotism and bring transparency and honesty back.

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