Sacrificing the national interest to teach the army general a lesson or two

The government is busy in other game. It has to teach V K Singh a lesson so that no any other general has the temerity to set an example by showing such honesty and forthrightness like general Singh. To gain political mileage, the government tends to be sacrificing the national interest, which must be put above politics.

The United coalition Government at center has never hesitated ever to finish the credibility and trust of constitutional or non-constitutional bodies. The autonomy of these institutions is simply not acceptable to the government. It expects commitment from these bodies. No any such principle is digestible to it that comes in its ways of political interests. Even the persons who had treated this situation to be the destiny during the period of this government had not dreamt that the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would not spare the Indian army even to be an exception of this rule. Honest people are like the flies fallen into the cup of milk for this government, the sooner they are thrown out of the system, the better. However, the former army chief V K Singh is such a thorn, the prickle of which the government is feeling difficult to forget. Once again therefore, both are face to face against each other.

Despite he, being the army chief, government has been treating him its opponent. When he wrote the prime minister the letter detailing the shortcomings of army, it was leaked deliberately out but accusations for this were hurled on General V K Singh. The Congress leaders led from the front in attacking him. When the government got the matter investigated, it was found that the letter was leaked from the prime minister's office. It is unfortunate India is a victim of directionless leadership.

What all the new controversy is about

The most recent storm is over the creation of a newer technical support division. The army got it investigated. First, the question mark stands over the committee constituted to investigate this matter. There no such systems like board of officers in the army. Nevertheless, the present army chief Vikram Singh chose this committee to investigate this case. The investigation report came in March 2013. Afterwards, nobody knows what action from the part of army, defense ministry, defense minister and prime minister taken based on the report was taken. This report remained lying in the cool cupboards of the ministry.
One more thing happened in the meanwhile. General V K Singh was seen hobnobbing with Narendra Modi in the rally of armed force's personnel in Rewadi of Haryana, which was later addressed by Narendra Modi. After this, this report was leaked. According to this leaked report, there are several allegations on General V K Singh. Number is the allegation of giving bribery to one minister in Omar Abdullah's cabinet to throw the J & K government out of power. He has been accused of giving money to one NGO also that had filed the writ in the court on behalf of general Singh. While he was the army chief, accusations were heaped upon him of trying to overthrow the central government also. The government kept mum over this issue. The then government's only goal was to wait for the end of the term of the general's tenure because he raked up the issue of corruption of the ministry, the minister of which is touted by the government to be the most honest. The matter of deciding for the successor in the army due to him came to light the trails of which were traced connected to the PMO also. The central government was clearly visible standing behind the opponents of General Singh within the army and outside it.

Everybody knows V K Singh is an honest officer

General's opponents know he is known for his integrity, nationalism, honesty and his commitment to army' interests and he cannot compromise on all such issues. He would not sit silently taking it lying down if challenged on these grounds. This was the motive behind the leakage of the report. The general found himself trapped into the net spread by his enemies. He must not have committed the mistake of forgetting this that this neither was the field of war nor was he a general. His new war is in the field of politics where the attacks are done not leading from the fronts but behind the smoke screen of lies and fabricated half-truths. This war is not fought based on truth alone.

What the government was aiming at

The question arises as to what was the goal of the government behind all this. If general has committed any wrong, what prevents the government from initiating action against him? What is the opinion of the government on the army report, upon the basis of which the allegations are being slapped on general's face? If the government feels the report to be correct, why the government does not take any action? If the government considers the report, why does not it comes forward in defense of the general? There is no third option except these twos available with the government under the circumstances.

The government knows this very well that if V K Singh is pushed to the wall, the fingers of government would also burn. Hence, it is attacking hiding behind the shadow. It wants not to take action against him but to destruct his honest and nationalist army officer's image. This reason is why the government is neither clearing hiding itself nor clearly coming out in the open.

When general V K Singh crossed the Laxman Rekha

In one interview on TV Channel, general Singh crossed over the limit. The covert operations carried out by BSF and intelligence units should be a secret and must not be broached open in public. These operations are such realities, the daylight for which is harmful. This is known that the government had left two options open for him. One is that he either silently swallows the bitter pills of dishonesty, corruption and anti national accusations being hurled on him or secondly bring to light in defense of the truth under the influence of his honesty and nationalistic approach. He chose the second option. The government knows already whatever general Singh has revealed to the media and more than that also. Had the government given preference to the national interests over its political interests, it could have ended the matter by cancelling the allegations against general Singh. However, the government is busy in another game. It has to teach V K Singh lessons so that no any other general in future could muster the courage of going against its wishes by showing his frankness and honesty. Indian democracy is a puppet in the hands of these disciples of Mahatma Gandhi who have scant regards for all those things of values. This must have prompted the Mahatma to have asked for dismantling the Congress after independence as it had outlived its values.


The Congress party and its government is allergic to honest people/institutions whether it is the general, CAG, Supreme Court, election commission, administrative or police officials. If any one of these mentioned appear to be remotely connected or benefitting Narendra Modi, they will have to pay a heavy price for this faux pass. The mouth of our honest PM opens only in defense of the corrupt persons. When it comes down to the matter of honest people, his tacit silence saves somebody's honor. Safeguarding the honor of this 'somebody', he has spent almost 9 and 1/2 years. Meanwhile, everything has been lost in the process except, of course, his seat of prime minister.

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