How yoga is important for us

Yoga is very important for a healthy life. Without it, getting a healthy mind and body is difficult. In this article, I am going to discuss the importance of yoga in life.


The word "yoga" has been taken from a Sanskrit word. "yuj" means "to yoke", or "to unify".In a broad sense, it is understood as the integration of personality, as well as the method of achieving "union". Yoga is defined as a means of liberation through the unification of body to mind and mind to soul. The purpose of yoga is to gain " Control over the mind". Yoga is an ancient science for human well-being not just on a physical level, but at every level of mind, body, emotion, and energy.

Benefits of yoga

These days people living a very stressful life. In such a situation we need to do something for our health. I think yoga is the only option that can relax our bodies and mind. Yoga not only gives physical fitness, but also mental relaxation. It controls our anger. I used to be angry but since I started doing yoga a lot of things changed. Now I feel calm. If you do yoga daily you will also see the changes in your skin. After doing yoga, even your eating habits will automatically change. You will eat only as much as is needed. It helps in making your body flexible, and balanced. Yoga will change your sleeping habit. You will sleep on time and wake up on time. It boosts our immunity system and metabolism. After Covid, all age groups must do yoga for a minimum of half an hour because it improves our breathing problems. By doing yoga you become more confident, as once your body is fixed from within, nothing can stop you and that confidence comes naturally. Last but not least, you will lose fat if you do it consistently.

Types of yoga

Different types of yoga are beneficial for the different parts of the body. Here I am going to discuss in brief:-
1. Padmasan- Padmasan or lotus position is an ancient asana in yoga. It is beneficial for joints and bones. This asana is best for our overall posture and backbone. It also improves the metabolism and immune system of our body.

2. Pranayam- Pranayam is related to breathing. In Sanskrit, prana means "vital life force", and yama means to gain control. In yoga, breath is associated with prana. Thus, the literal meaning of pranayama is to elevate the prana shakti or life energies.

3. Surya namaskar- Surya namaskar is best for pious people. It is a set of 12 asanas, a complete workout for body and mind. It would benefit us in many ways.

4. Bhujangasun- It is also called the cobra pose. It is a complete asana that strengthens spiritual well as physical health. It is good for your back and improves digestion.

5. Matsyasan- It is also known as fish pose. It is useful for diabetic patients. It helps in improving blood circulation to the pancreas. It may be useful in the treatment of throat ailments.

Above all, asanas remove blockages in our body and helps to build strength over some time. Asanas help in creating new body patterns which enable the body in developing stamina by removing all impurities. It gives mental strength as well.

Importance of yoga in our daily life ?

Yoga is a way of life and if we practice it daily then, we would be in a peaceful state in our everyday life. So, we need to do yoga every day so that we would not be regular visitors to doctors. We are living in a digital world where our life is restricted to the four boundary walls of the house. In such a situation, yoga can make us fit and healthy. We must do yoga regularly. It brings down restlessness in our bodies and sets our minds on the path of calm. We can live a meaningful and focused way of living through yoga. Yoga helps us to rejuvenate, rest and grow.


Many researchers have proved that yoga can positively impact the body and mind.
Yoga is the best way to make an active body and mind. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to develop awareness called Moksha or Samadhi.


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt12 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Anything which calms our mind and helps us in focusing and concentrating, is good for our health. Yoga is not an ordinary exercise but is a method to attain healthy mind and healthy body. It is a medical fact that a relaxed mind and relaxed body is conducive for positive environment and Yoga is the method to achieve that.
Today, Yoga is not only being practiced in India but also in the whole world. People are getting many benefits from practice of Yoga.

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