Understanding why self-motivation is so important today

Life in India, and in any part of the world, has become very complex. The rich are always getting richer and the poor are always becoming poorer, day after day. There are too many complications in life. When we are aware of our own self and know our strengths and weaknesses, we can easily understand why self motivation becomes very important in this process. This article will seek to discuss some aspects of this process.


Imagine life in the rural areas. There you will see very humble people. Very honest people. And people who have still not been exposed to the new ways of the rich and the cunning ways of the urban populations in the cities. They still do not know how to develop themselves. They live largely contented lives and yet, even they need self-awareness and self Motivation to a large extent. We, those who live in the urban areas and are part of the big rat race, need it more desperately than anyone else. We need to understand the basics.

In this connection, we need to understand a) Basics of Self-Awareness and Motivation b) How to do a SWOT analysis of oneself c) Acting on triggers from SWOT Analysis d) Understand complete nuances of Self Motivation and e) Understand the means in simple terms.

Basics of Self-Awareness and Motivation

Self-awarness is not common sense. It is a process of deep discovery and deep transformation. Self-Awareness results from meditation and understanding the purpose of one's life. Obviously, no two individuals are the same. Take two girls studying in the tenth standard of a CBSE school. One's father is a rich businessman, who keeps good health and he has only one daughter. Hence, this girl does not know what is pain and economic difficulty. The other girl has a father who has undergone open heart surgery. He often worries about his son, who is in the final year of engineering, and this girl, who needs to study very well and become a doctor.

The second girl needs terrific focus. She needs to understand that in the next two years when she would have to take the NEET examination and pass out with flying colors, everything she needs to do needs focus. She needs to take care of her father, but her studies are important too. Irrespective of what happens around her, she needs to motivate herself, saying " I can do it" every day. She needs to have a good game plan, and study very systematically. This comes from deeper attention to her inner feelings and emotions and she needs to find ways to manage these emotions in a very simple way. She just needs to take care of her constant efforts, right now, and the future will automatically happen.

Now, motivation in the case of this girl will happen, when she starts taking the first few baby steps in planning and following that up with concretre and measurable outcomes, like scoring very high in her internal examinations. This would give her the confidence to do better. She would have a big hope that she is indeed very useful and talented.

How to do a SWOT analysis of oneself

SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis. Take the above example. The strength of this girl would be her already good performance. However, she needs to understand her major weakness. The family situation is not so good and there could be tensions. The threat is also related to her father's health. The entire range of emotions and feelings associated with any small setback would have to be faced by her. The larger threat is the increasingly competitive NEET examination and the massive number of competitors. Yet, the opportunity is also NEET, as those who pass with merit, can manage their entire education with lesser money in the Government colleges. She can avoid the costly capitation fees.

SWOT Analysis is also best done with the help of those close to the person. Particularly, one's parents, wife or husband, and very close friends. These are the exact people who can easily guide the person very well. These people are those who can also provide honest feedback. The weaknesses could also relate to emotions and feelings.

Acting on triggers from SWOT Analysis

For example, one trigger could be the weakness of being short-tempered. He or she needs to work on this very consciously and take pauses whenever he or she feels like getting angry. He or she also needs to understand the root causes of anger. For example, some frustration in the office can really make the person so angry. He or she would ventilate it on all family members. He or she should understand the futility of all this. He or she needs to understand that with a calm mind and a forgiving attitude, most of all anger can be easily controlled in one's life.

Understand complete nuances of self motivation

Self Motivation is a comprehensive package of all feelings and emotions. There is an excellent technique called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Self Motivation can result from small successes. For example, one should learn to start cutting small corners and save money. Take the simplest example. A cup of coffee in a good branded restaurant would cost Rs.50/-. The same would be available in a middle-class restaurant for just Rs.20/-. The quality would be okay. If the Rs.30 is saved through a recurring deposit, even that would come in very handy after five years. One needs such encouragement in life. One also derives happiness by always being positive and optimistic. One can also become Self Motivated by taking control of whatever little things we do. For example, learning a new skill like Digital Marketing. Even housewives who are a bit smart earn something like Rs.30,000 through the recipes that they prepare on YouTube. There are too many opportunities floating around for such success and one should learn from such opportunities. Being well-informed is one big and important aspect of Self Motivation.

Understand the means in simple terms

NLP is one simple technique. There are too many NLP videos on YouTube that help anyone to understand what it is and how to go about gathering the basic skills. NLP is a rich technique that helps one to really understand himself or herself and take on the world's challenges.

Similarly, learning from the success stories of others is another innovative way to become Self Aware and also acquire Self Motivation skills. Learning from others close to him or her can enable the person to obtain useful feedback and go on to become successful.


Enabling a person to become self-aware and also strive for Self-Motivation become so important in today's life. These concepts have been discussed in some detail in the aforesaid paragraphs.


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt19 Feb 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Motivation and encouragement are two factors that can make a person happy and drive him to perform better. An ordinary performer can become an ace performer if he gets encouragement for his work and output.

Many organisations create an environment for the workers so that they are highly motivated and happy with their work. Once the workers observe that their good work is being appreciated, they become serious and start sincerely performing their duties. In due course of time they become self motivated and after gaining experience they even start working independently in the over all interest of the company. When the workers of the company align themselves for achieving the overall objectives of the company than that is the best phase for the company and it progresses ahead.

Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao25 Feb 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Each person will know about him fully. No other person can that much. We know what are our strong points and our weak points also. If we feel that we should our performance we should work upon our weaknesses and convert them as our strong points. That will make us successful.
Self motivation is very important in this competitive world. One should try to understand himself better and should search around the opportunities and he should grab the same with all out efforts.
In this competitive world, nobody will give you the ready to eat food. You have to buy, cook and eat. You should pat on your back once in a while and should move forward so that you will get a chance again to pat on your back once again.
A good article from the author and employees who just entered the career or the students who are about complete their education should read such articles to get inspired.

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