Top reasons why travelling is a fascination to many

Travelling is an experience which varies from one person to another. The journey teaches us how to live in the present, with a perfect sync between mind and body. It helps us to achieve good overall health and a stress-free life.


At some point or other in our lives, we have travelled to nearby destinations or faraway places. Sometimes we went on our own and took journeys as solo travellers. At other times, to see what was unseen and hidden, we gathered our near and dear ones, packed our bags and headed out. Sometimes we travelled just for fun, and other times the purpose was to find something as deep as the ocean and as precious as the pearl in the shell. Sometimes we travelled to celebrate with our loved ones, and other times we travelled to spend some time in solace in new places and amongst new faces. In short, we all have been there and done that. But, the question is what it is about travelling that fascinates us. Why do we go through so much trouble and embark on a journey? For the majority of us, travelling is not important at all. Still, we do it. We all have our reasons to travel. This article explains the top reasons why people love to travel.

Top reasons for travelling

  • It widens the horizon-
    We all know that education is a means to widen the horizon. It frees us from our restrictive thinking. Travelling is in no way lesser than education. It helps us learn so many things. When we pack our bags and take ourselves on the adventure, we experience new things. We see new places and meet new people. We get to meet people belonging to different cultures, practising different customs. We get to fascinate our taste buds with differently-tasting food. We accustom ourselves to different temperatures and learn about the prevailing climatic condition of the destination. We explore top tourist attractions and the ones which are not so popular and hustle-free. All these experiences add to our knowledge. We free ourselves from what we know already and add some more to our depth of knowledge.

  • It is refreshing-
    Daily mundane activities can be tiresome. Waking up daily and carrying out the same set of activities makes life dull. It takes the fun and enthusiasm out of our lives. When we travel, we tend to break free. We free ourselves from everything that bothers us. It instils a spark that enlightens us from within and helps us explore the other side of our personality. Many of us aren't aware that we have a traveller within us. Many of us are so burdened by day-to-day responsibilities that we rarely even attempt to catch a break and plan to travel somewhere that will refresh and recharge us from within. The energy we fill in during our vacation helps us carry on with our daily lives with a much more enthusiastic approach.

  • It enriches the experience-
    Life itself is a journey. We create enormous memories from our experiences. Similarly, when we travel for fun or recreation, it adds up to our memory account. It is a collection of good moments that we spend on our vacation. The little moments we share with our loved ones and the enriching experiences we share with total strangers can be memorable to us. We cherish these moments throughout our lives. We can never wipe out from our memory the pain we experienced while trekking a steep mountain and the glory we felt on reaching the summit. Also, how victorious we felt on reaching there is a special memory. How a stranger helped us in our journey and how a crook deceived us on our path will remain in our memory forever. This is what travelling is all about. It is an experience that is good and bad. It sometimes brings joy and sometimes tears. However, every moment is an enriching one.

  • Journey teaches how to live in the present moment-
    When living our day-to-day lives, we care about how much more productive we can be to make our future secure. We either dwell in our past while thinking about all the wrong choices. Or we worry about the uncertainty that the future holds for us. We rarely live in the present. While seeking adventure, travel teaches us to appreciate the present moment. Every little scene we witness before our eyes hold us up dearly in our present. We learn to live in the present. We learn to appreciate what is in front rather than what we lack. The breath we hold while witnessing the sunset between the mountains teaches us that it is what is most necessary at that time. We don't have to worry whether the sun will come up the next day or won't. All we need to do is surrender and enjoy everything the present moment brings us.

  • It adds up to a personality-
    Who would like boring company? Perhaps no one would like that. Everyone would dearly seek out the company of someone well-read and well-travelled. It is because they have so much to share. Their stories and experience amuse everyone. Getting college degrees and certificates and acquiring some skills will not do the job. A charming personality thinks outside of the box. What makes us all different is the different experiences that we have in our lifetime. Travelling is an excellent way to add up to that personality. The more journeys we take up, the more newness we get exposed to. When we see so much, it all becomes a part of our learning experience. It adds up to our personality. Thus, we need to travel and embrace everything coming towards us in the journey to shape our personality.

  • It is healing-
    A change is essential for healing the mind and body, and this is what travelling offers. When we stress out about something, it can be a job, relations, health, or finance; all we need is time to decide our actions. We cannot continue doing the same things and expect a different outcome. If we need a different result, we should start looking at things differently and do things differently. Travelling offers that time to sit, relax and discover what that change can be. Sometimes we don't even know where we are going wrong. Sometimes we feel that something within us is lost. In such cases, where the cause is unknown and when an individual is unaware of what is bothering him, travel offers a healing experience. When a person packs bags and heads towards a solo journey, it is when self-discovery starts.

  • It is good for mind-body-
    Who might have thought that travelling is good for our health? Packing our bags and heading into the unknown no way means that we are escaping something. It is getting out of our comfort zone. It is freeing us from limiting beliefs. Thus, travelling is food to the brain. The mind expands and learns to start looking ahead of already recorded past belief systems. Travelling decreases the stress level and increases the happy hormone cortisol. As a result, mental health is boosted. It indirectly stimulates the body to achieve health. Also, travelling requires physical movement. Lots of trekking, hiking, horse riding, swimming, and other sorts of activities that we indulge in during travelling improves physical health. We can travel to learn holistic medicines and rejuvenate our minds and body. Thus, overall health improves.

  • It improves relationships-
    When we travel to meet our loved ones, we take time out of our busy schedules and visit them. A visit can be to celebrate good times with them. It can be to share their pain and rough times. It is our way of telling them that we are there for them. When we travel with our friends and family, a special bonding occurs. We deepen that bond and repair the damage done due to the harshness inculcated in us because of our business. When we travel, we meet new people. Some strangers become so dear to us that they become our best friends forever. Some of us meet the love of our life while travelling. Whether we are building new relationships or repairing old ones, travelling is an excellent opportunity. Thus, it has an enormous impact on how we handle our relationships.


Travelling is not just a fun experience or a vacation described by many. It is much more than that. It ignites the fuel within us to live life like a king-size. It frees us in many different ways. When we travel, we understand how much we love it. Before trying, we may resist it. We may feel it to be a waste of time, money and energy. However, once we head out, we understand it is a part of who we are. Whether we have to improve our relationships or personality, all we have to do is travel. It offers a chance to widen our horizons and take us out of our comfort zones. It is best for both physical and mental health. It takes our mind off our daily routine and helps us seek the answers and deal with things we don't want to deal with or find difficult to tackle. It is a journey towards self-discovery.


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt12 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Human nature wants change. It is a natural urge and we have to respect it. Travelling, sightseeing, and other tourist activities provide us a great change and bring colour in our otherwise monotonous life.

I remember that as I belonged to a remote small place and did not go out for quite some time I did not know about the outside world. But when I got an opportunity to go out for my education and saw that there are so many other places equally or more beautiful than my native place. It was a great feeling and I had a lot of excitement and interest in seeing those new places. Every landscape was different than the earlier one. Some places we found rivers while there were big lakes in other places. Nature has got a great variety and that is why when we go to new places we enjoy it much.

Travelling to far away places is something like exploring the unknown and the associated thrill is beyond description.

Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao14 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

This is a very interesting article from the author. Travelling is an education in my opinion. When we go out to different places we meet different people and we will interact with different people. It will help us know the mentalities of different people and how we have to interact with people based on their behaviours and mentality. At the same time, travelling is a refreshing activity. Many of us will be having almost a routine timetable every day. House and office. That will make us monotonous and sometimes our minds will become blank. So once in a while, a change is always welcome and this change will come to us by undertaking travel.
When we go for a tour we have to have a plan in such a way that we will never rush through the places but we will enjoy the trip leisurely.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan15 Mar 2023 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

No doubt, travelling refreshes our body and mind. Generally, all of us get bore living monotonous life. In such a situation, travelling gives energy to our body. Not only we become energetic rather we learn many things about new places. During traveling, we interact with many people which increases our knowledge level. Many people think that it is waste of time and money, but, it is wrong to think this. Especially, in today's life, it is compulsory because most of the people live stressful life. I think travelling is necessary to stay fit and healthy.

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